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Probably a juicy topic for another thread...but since this one isn't very long :-)

I don't agree that Lucy and Jessie makes things clearer than other songs. I have always thought, in tandem with the depths plumbed by Buddy's Blues, Losing My Mind, and Live, Laugh, Love that Lucy and Jessie comes up short.

The first three songs so clearly represent what everything that has come in the show prior has revealed as a DEEP, painful, and major life issue that has greatly impacted their happiness and satisfaction. Then Phylis sings about having a classy side and a not classy side and how if each could be a little more like the other then things would be fine. WHAT? Is that what the rest of the show leading up to this has told us is Phylis's great life disappointment? I don't think so.

I am actually curious what the OP heard in last night's performance that finally made it make sense! Maybe I have been missing something all this time. I mean I am not CONFUSED by the lyrics, I just don't see how this Phylis's musical breakdown. Or maybe the point she is closer to actually being okay than the other three?

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