Tina Benko went on for Sarah Paulson tonight
Posted by: DistantDrumming 10:25 pm EDT 06/21/24

According to an usher this was the first time? If that’s true, she gave an astonishingly assured performance, perfectly in sync with her excellent costars.

She got a well earned standing O and seemed genuinely grateful that most of us stayed, mouthing “thank you for staying!” multiple times.

Hopefully Sarah Paulson is back soon but if you have tickets to one of these final performances I wouldn’t hesitate to see it with Benko.

Overall, a very satisfying evening. I’m not convinced that it’s a capital-G Great Play but it’s very good, meaty, satisfying family drama/dark comedy that compellingly asks some tough questions about the lies we tell ourselves and our families.

Wonderful work by the lighting and sound design teams, too.

My one complaint? A front door that opens outward. WTF?

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