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"Ah, but Underneath" arguably offers a laser-sharp thesis on Phyllis's strand/emotional stasis. But in the show, it doesn't carry the theatrical weight of the L&J number in toto. I'm admittedly biased, at 19 (Young Phyllis's age, duly noted) I saw Alexis Smith tear up the Winter Garden twice, 4 months apart. I remember my anticipation at the second performance, and I'll be damned if the number's impact hadn't increased. In terms of musical comedy craft, its position in Loveland, and the piece as a whole, gives it 11 o'clock spot Broadway power - that dance break is theatrical gold - that "Ah" doesn't quite generate. Again, a bias informing my preference.

Not entirely OT: the last Phyllis, the late, great Jan Maxwell, did a swell L&J, though I thought the choreography was more exciting at the Kennedy Center (another topic.)

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