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Posted by: Chromolume 10:39 am EDT 06/22/24
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I think all 3 numbers for that spot ("Uptown, Downtown" being the original) are great songs. But I agree that as a number, "Lucy And Jessie" has the potential to come off the best, and I think it fits best with the other character's solo turns.

Also, outside of the Paper Mill production, I'm not aware of any other high-profile production that has gotten (or sought?) permission to use "Underneath" instead. I'm not even sure it's offered as an option (I don't think it is).

But, if you're doing Sondheim On Sondheim, "Underneath" is there, and if you're doing Marry Me A Little, "Uptown" is there. So all 3 songs get a chance along the way.

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