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Posted by: TXTyler 02:59 pm EDT 06/22/24
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Just here to agree with everything you’ve said. The OBC is a must-have for any fan of the musical, and the Keitzerland release is by far the best option. I think it is one of the biggest missed opportunities in musical theatre history that the original company didn’t record the score in its entirety.

The Papermill recording is also spectacular and is more than complete due to the bonus tracks. The cast is pretty uniformly strong. This is my pick just for the amount of the score on disc.

The London recording is less satisfying mostly due to the rearranged structure and score. I probably listen to the complete recording the least out of any Follies cast recording, BUT I probably listen to Julia McKenzie’s “Losing My Mind” more than any other Follies-related track. It’s perfection.

The concert recording is a mixed bag but has some very strong performances. The Broadway revival recording has a lot of dialogue and is (mostly?) complete, but not all of the performances rank among my favorites. I almost always enjoy Bernadette Peters’ work, but I couldn’t warm up to her performance on disc.

I guess the short answer is, for the most satisfying experience from beginning to end, the Papermill recording is the way to go.


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