for me it's: Follies in Concert, then Papermill, then OBC
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the OBC would of course be #1 if it weren't so truncated. It's too frustrating for me for repeating listening with such incredible recordings done for the Concert and Papermill.

Papermill, which tragically isn't on spotify, is so under-appreciated. The cast is SENSATIONALLY GOOD. McKechnie especially ranks as the top 3 Sallys ever recorded. But all the leads, all the featured. And the orchestra sounds fantastic. And the cut songs sound incredible too. We'll never get a better rendition of "All Things Bright and Beautiful" that's for sure.

And the concert I think is just such a good experience, and the thrilling and sometimes eerie (but real) applause doesn't hurt either. It was also my first recording of the show, because it's the one my town library had.

So those are my 3 favorite by a mile.

The original London is a fascinating album as a piece of preservation, but it is not an album of Follies as far as I can compute.

I have only listened once to the other recordings. Not because they're bad, I just don't have any need for them in my rotation with 3 extraordinary ones there already.

Follies is also unique in that there are 3 cast albums I adore... most shows it's 2 only. Pacific Overtures has 3, and I only listen to the OBC. Company I only listen to the OBC or the 95 Donmar recording, 3rd would of course be the Raul revival. Merrily i can definitely only enjoy the OBC. Sunday only the OBC. ITW I adore the OBC and the underrated OLC. Same for ALNM, OBC and underrated OLC. And on and on.

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