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I think you get the gist from But yes, the original is a must have for the amazing cast. But it must be supplemented by a complete recording if you really want a feel for the entire show.

Papermill is great, and I saw this production. And it's the only recording that has Vincent and Vanessa's Bolero, plus all the dance music for Who's That Woman, The Right Girl, and Lucy and Jessie in the appendix. I like dance music :-) But you get a revised Loveland, and unless you do swap out Lucy and Jessie for Ah, But Underneath, you are also getting material that wasn't intended for the original.

For me the concert has the edge. It's bascially complete and does not have anything not written for the Broadway production, except a slightly extended reprise of Waiting for the Girls Upstairs. The all star cast and live energy make it magical. It was also my introduction to the show, so I may have some bias. There are some oddities, like Patinkin doing all the parts in Buddy's Blues as if he were doing The Day Off in Sunday. But ya know I loved that when I was a kid until I grew up and people told me I should think it was pretentious and self indulgent :-)

As a bonus, the concert comes with Stavisky, Sondheim's only full film score. I've listened to this a lot over the years. It uses several cut songs from Follies, including the achingly beautiful Salon at Claridge #2, which was formerly Little White House / Who Could Be Blue? (which was eventually replaced with You're Gonna Love Tomorrow / Love Will See Us Through lol), Auto Show which was Bring on the Girls (replaced by Beautiful Girls), and Operetta, which was a cut song for Ben and Phylis I have never heard recorded anywhere else, called The World's Full of Girls. Much of Stavisky also reminds of Night Music and Sweeney Todd (although he hadn't written ST yet)

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