re: FOLLIES and Middle Aged Gay Men
Posted by: EvFoDr 04:15 pm EDT 06/22/24
In reply to: FOLLIES and Middle Aged Gay Men - Zelgo 03:34 pm EDT 06/22/24

LIke Chaz, I was also a gay teenager when I fell deeply in love with Follies. I'd probably have to give a lot more thought, and it's maybe a good topic for an article...if it hasn't already been written lol.

But, something about the characters leading deeply inauthentic lives, and the caution about what that can lead to...might have resonated with gay men presumably in the closet. Then you wrap it in the brilliant score, dances, theatricality of playing with time, and work in a good showbiz metaphor! It's almost unbearably and overwhelmingly satisfying!

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