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I would guess it's usually cut because it doesn't feature characters we know well or who come into play in the plot, as it were. And yes, requires great choreography and two more older actors who can really dance but who don't have that much else to do. Also, beautiful and possibly thrilling as it might be, it does make points made in other parts of the show that are not cuttable.

For anyone curious how it's meant to play in... it comes after "The Road You Didn't Take", which then "cuts" to Buddy and Phyllis in their scene, Phyllis has her "Bargains" monologue, which ends with the Georgian silver...

PHYLLIS and I have thirty thousand dollars worth of Georgian silver in my dining room.
BUDDY What happened to you, Phyl? Where did you go?
PHYLLIS (Eyes bright, upset and angry) I went my own damn way, and don't make waves.
(She turns and strides away. Upstage, there has been quiet social dancing. Out of this now, VINCENT and VANESSA come. The music eases into a tango, and they start to dance an old routine.
As they dance, YOUNG VINCENT and YOUNG VANESSA materialize from the shadows and dance along with them. Upstage, three ghostly couples, also part of the original number, join the dance. It is a lush, romantic number, and we watch the differences, both great and small, that thirty years have made.
The number ends in darkness, and when lights return, we see BEN and SALLY chatting in a corner of an empty stage)
. . . and then the Follies closed--I never missed it, Ben, not really.
BEN Neither did the audience.
SALLY I know. And after that we had Tom, and then Tim came along, and when the war was over, Buddy couldn't wait to start in making money. We've lived every place you can imagine, Ben. The Sunshine City, that's Detroit
-or is it Houston? Anyway, we've lived in both, and New Orleans-it really is romantic--and Los Angeles-
Getting there is half the fun.
We're out in Phoenix now.

(and that goes into the rest of Sally's lead up to "In Buddy's Eyes")

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