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I was probably too young by a year or two to really get how important it would have been for me to see the Papermill Follies. But I do think if I had tried I could have convinced my mom to take me. However without that option there wouldn't have been a way to go myself as a teenager. I don't even know that, at the time, I knew who anyone in that cast was except Ann Miller maybe. Until I got their album of course. Other than the concert documentary, my first experience seeing Follies was the Roundabout revival, which I was very disappointed by even as an 18 year old, I knew Follies extremely well and had seen enough Broadway shows by then to have the mix of knowing what Follies was and should be, and what can be done on Broadway, made me let down by that production and the revisions to the show too. But I'm nonetheless very very glad I saw it. I just wish I'd bothered to pitch my mom for a drive down to Papermill. From the album and the archival I've seen of it, I would have had a much better and more indelible experience with it, especially at 15, than I did with Roundabout's 3 years later. It's one of those shows I actually regret missing, and because there was maybe a chance I could have made it happen, it stings all the more.

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