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Puppetry of the Penis

Well, it's finally happened. Puppetry of the Penis has arrived in Chicago. This is the most crude, vulgar show that I have ever seen since Oh, Calcutta, which I saw years ago. If theatre has taken a detour during the past years, this one should have a stop sign at the box office.

Now playing at the Lakeshore Theatre in Chicago, Puppetry of the Penis offers no more thrill than looking at two naked men playing with "their equipment." Though talented, these two puppeteers (I'm not sure who they were since the program lists a rotating cast) seem to have fun rotating their genitalia and transforming them into ridiculous configurations. Their stunts brought laughter and groans from the audience.

A video camera recods each twist and twirl on a large projection screen. The risque, depraved production of this show is appalling. An opening, boring chat with Patti Vasquez before the performance starts the evening off on an even bleaker intention.

If this production will be a crowd-pleaser, don't count me in. If it is indeed "The Ancient Australian Art of Genital Origami," there must be something else better "down under."

Puppetry of the Penis plays at the Lakeshore Theatre, 3175 North Broadway in Chicago indefinitely. Call (773)472-3492 or by visiting

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-- Charles

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