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Review by Mark Horning

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The Cast of Stomp
Photo by Steve McNicholas
Virtually everything on this planet has the potential to be a percussion instrument, even items that you would never guess. For proof, all one has to do is to witness a performance of Stomp, now playing in the Connor Palace at Playhouse Square.

Stomp is a group of performing percussionists (Andrew Brought, Jonathon Elkins, Alexis Juliano, Cary Lamb, Jr., Kris Lee, Artis Olds, Jeremy Price. Krystal Renée, Ivan Salazar, Cade Slattery, Simeon Weedall and Steve Weiss) who take audiences on an amazing percussive voyage using a variety of "found" items as well as producing sounds from clapping their hands, clicking their fingers, striking various parts of their body, and of course stomping their feet.

The show was originally formed in 1991 in England, a collaboration between Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas (who are still listed as directors). The show was loved by audience and critics alike, garnering a number of awards. Since then, an Obie and Drama Desk Award winning production has been running Off-Broadway since 1994, and touring Stomp companies have performed around the world, bringing a combination of percussion, movement, and visual comedy (not a single word is spoken during the entire show).

The stage area is a two-tiered construction that resembles a junkyard. Metal and plastic tubs, tire rims, pots and pans, and large plastic drums litter the landscape. One by one the performers enter with small brooms and begin performing a sweep dance, working into a dervish of exciting energy as they bang the brooms on the floor (in some cases breaking them only to have a replacement thrown to them without missing a beat).

Some of the bits are small and light-sounding, such as when the three performers rummage through a garbage bag, rescue a tin can, plastic grocery bags, a match box, a banana, and fast food drinking cups which are all utilized to make the beat. Other segments go full stage, with garbage cans (metal and plastic), drum kits made of all sorts of metal and plastic objects, and even 55 gallon drums in which ski boots have been attached allowing three of the performers to walk across the stage while drumming. Impressive!

This is a show that will delight each and every member of the family. The synchronicity of the driving beats takes you to another dimension.

For an absolutely great mid-winter break, you cannot go wrong with an evening of Stomp. They simply dazzle with their precision and entertain with their comedic bits.

Stomp, through February 11, 2018, at Connor Palace at Playhouse Square in Cleveland OH. Tickets may be purchased online by going to or by phone by calling (216) 241-6000 or by stopping by the Playhouse Square Ticket Office located in the outer lobby of the State Theatre.

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