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David Lenahan and Marc Moritz
Photo by Brian Armour
Boys grow into men and, depending on the issues, may grow into problems for the entire family. In Boy the problems don't belong to just the boy. The problems, also, belong to the boy's parents.

Trudy Turner (Pamela Harwood) and Doug Turner (Andrew Narten) married and gave birth to twin boys. A few days later, one son was circumcised and something went wrong. This son's penis was destroyed and could not be rebuilt. Dr. Wendell Barnes (Marc Moritz) was writing a book dealing with the sexual development of a male, and he focuses on the physical and the psychological changes.

Years later, we see Adam Turner (David Lenahan) at a Halloween party where he meets Jenny Lafferty (Natalie Green). They are immediately "in like." Jenny wants a more physical, intimidate relationship, but Adam is not physically capable of an intimate relationship. Adam spends a good deal of time with Jenny's son from an earlier relationship. Only later, after Adam takes Jenny to visit with his parents, does he explain the situation to Jenny.

Boy brings out the best in Jenny and, perhaps, wants to find a way for Jenny and Adam to become a couple—maybe not a traditional one.

Marc Moritz changes as the story unfolds and as his character ages. In the early part of the story, he is warm and comforting in the scenes with Adam. But he works hard to keep himself in charge and able to control Adam. David Lenahan plays Adam at all ages, kindergarten to adulthood. He is a superior actor. As Jenny, Natalie Green is energetic and sympathetic and demanding. She wants the audience to understand Jenny's point of view. Pamela Harwood is desperate that Adam, who may live as a female, will be happy. Harwood slowly moves to find actions she can take to help Adam find happiness.

Boy offers the audience a strong opportunity to find love and happiness. Playwright Anna Ziegler has received awards for Boy, and for her script for Photograph 51, which was produced in Akron at the Actors' Summit Theater.

Boy, through February 17, 2018, at none too fragile theater, in the back room of Pub Bricco, 1841 Merriman Rd, Akron OH. For ticket information, call 330-962-5547 or visit

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