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Rob Becker's Defending the Caveman

Kevin Burke
The differences between men and women are varied and distinct. They can also be quite funny, as Rob Becker points out in his one-man play Defending the Caveman. The piece has had a long life. It has played Broadway and beyond for 13 years. In that time, the play has been performed internationally in 15 different languages.

Caveman has made a return visit to the Washington area. Now playing at the Rosslyn Spectrum Theatre, the show stars comedian Kevin Burke. Mr. Burke handles the material quite well. He seems to be having fun with it and he is not above pointing out specific audience members in order to get a laugh. Also, Burke is good at thinking on his feet. During the performance this reviewer attended he had a number of distractions that include a ringing cell phone and a problem microphone. He handled these glitches with ease but he showed his greatest skill when he forgot a line. After admitting it to the audience, he was able to relate his dilemma to the material and joked his way through until he got back on track.

John Cowen designed the original set that one can only describe as a family room designed in early Fred Flintstone. The same can be said for the background paintings that were created by Cab Covey. In other words, the set was perfect for this show.

The show itself is very amusing. Many can relate to the stories that are conveyed. Even though at times the show feels more like a stand-up routine than a play, the material is very real. Above all, it is not a demeaning show. It finds humor in our differing qualities but it shows respect to both women and men.

Defending the Caveman is great date show but one doesn't necessarily have to have a partner to appreciate the piece. Whether one considers it a comedy routine or a play, it is incredibly entertaining. Defending the Caveman is ending its DC run on April 30th.

Rosslyn Spectrum Theatre
Rob Becker's Defending the Caveman
Originally created and written by Rob Becker
Starring Kevin Burke
1611 N. Kent Street
Rosslyn, VA 22209
Ticket Information: 202-397-SEAT; 703-573-SEAT; 410-547-SEAT; or

Photo: Richard Feldman

-- Tracy Lyon

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