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The Unmentionables

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The Unmentionables, the season opener at Washington's Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, uses slashing wit to consider the issue of what constitutes "civilization." Specifically, playwright Bruce Norris takes aim at well-meaning white Americans who believe that they personally can change the world for the better.

James Kronzer's sumptuous set depicts the villa near a west African village where Don (Charles H. Hyman), a factory owner, lives with his overly chatty wife Nancy (Naomi Jacobson). Their visitors on this particular day include David (Tim Getman), a young teaching missionary; his girlfriend Jane (Marni Penning), who is trying to escape her fame as a television star; Aunty Mimi (Dawn Ursula), a leader of the local government; and a doctor with little patience for pampered Americans (John Livingstone Rolle).

Norris sets up the situation in fairly black-and-white terms, both literally and metaphorically, and director Pam MacKinnon navigates the territory with skill. David is the sort of innocent believer who tries to connect with a troubled young African villager (Kofi Owusu) by telling him that "maybe Jesus Christ is a pretty cool guy" —a soft-hearted fellow who believes he knows how to make life better for people who have experienced things he can't begin to understand. On the other hand, Don is a hard-headed businessman who thinks that what's best for him will necessarily benefit those around him.

The topics are serious —leading up to a jarring scene that takes on the real, rather than the theoretical, role of torture in maintaining order — but that doesn't mean the play is either grim or unwatchable. Norris has packed it with uncomfortable humor, focusing on the outbursts of the self-dramatizing Nancy.

Jacobson goes all out with a riotous, hilarious performance as Nancy tells long, embarrassing stories, acts like a martyr when challenged, and takes the mantle of "9/11 survivor" on her shoulders with little reason for doing so. Hyman embodies some of the worst characteristics of the "ugly American": he doesn't speak French and many of the natives don't speak English, but he condescends to make conversation with no doubt that he will be understood.

The entire cast is dead-on: Rolle as a doctor who would rather smoke pot than deal with people he considers obscenely over-privileged; Penning, a woman trying her best to escape her own naïveté; Getman, a man who has never felt the need to question that his beliefs are the correct ones; and Ursula, a realist who understands that sometimes deals have to be struck and unpopular decisions made.

Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company
The Unmentionables
August 27th —September 30th
By Bruce Norris
Etienne: Kofi Owusu< Dave: Tim Getman
Jane: Marni Penning
The Doctor: John Livingstone Rolle
Don: Charles H. Hyman
Nancy: Naomi Jacobson
Aunty Mimi: Dawn Ursula
Soldier 1: James J. Johnson
Soldier 2: James Foster Jr.
Directed by Pam MacKinnon
641 D St. N.W., Washington, DC
Ticket Information: 202-393-3939 or

-- Susan Berlin

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