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Cool Papa's Party

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Roz White, Jahi Kearse and Gia Mora
Cool Papa's Party, the new musical receiving its world premiere at MetroStage in Alexandria, Virginia, is energetic and fun, if not particularly memorable. Two notable talents, author-director Thomas W. Jones II and choreographer Maurice Hines, have created a loving tribute to the entertainment styles of the 20th century through the figure of "the last American hipster," an African-American performer who bears a strong resemblance to Sammy Davis Jr.

The talented Jahi Kearse hardly ever leaves the stage as Willie Rose Jr., the singer-dancer known as "Cool Papa," surrounded by an ensemble of three women and three men. Jones' script follows Cool Papa from his childhood in the home of a strong grandmother (Roz White) to his early career in vaudeville and a later trio act with his father (Gary E. Vincent, going on for William Hubbard) and uncle (Anthony Manough); his World War II experiences in Paris; his friendship with a mob-connected crooner here called Johnnie Domingo (Ben Horen), who says things like "Dig and be dug in return"; his life-threatening car accident; his controversial romances with white women (all played by Gia Mora); his flirtations with politics in the 1960s and '70s; and his search for identity and a place in the world.

The problem is that, while many of the pieces of the show are interesting, they don't really add up, and the score by Jones and William Knowles consists more of background-type music than memorable individual songs. Another problem is that this kind of show has been done before and better: Cool Papa's discovery of bohemian life in Europe owes a lot to Passing Strange, a similar story of an African-American man in search of new perspectives, which appeared on Broadway last season.

Hines keeps the performers in fairly constant motion, ranging from old-school tap and shuffle steps to Las Vegas-style chorus lines. The scenic design by Carl Gudenius conveys a succession of scenes with economy, but many of Kristina Lucka's costumes are less than flattering.

Cool Papa's Party
February 5th —March 15th
Book and lyrics by Thomas W. Jones II
Original music by William Knowles
Johnnie Domingo/Physician: Ben Horen
Poppa Rose Sr.: William Hubbard
Cool Papa Rose/Willy: Jahi Kearse
Uncle Birdie/Reverend Doctor: Anthony Manough
Jai/Siren/Blond Starlet: Gia Mora
Grandma Rose/Paula: Roz White
Ramona/B.L.C./Kenya: Lori Williams
Directed by Thomas W. Jones II
Choreographed by Maurice Hines
Musical direction by William Knowles
1201 N. Royal St.
Alexandria, VA 22314
Ticket Information: 703-548-9044 or

Photo: Colin Hovde

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