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Regional Reviews: Philadelphia

This Is the Week That Is
1812 Productions
Review by Rebecca Rendell

Jennifer Childs
Photo by Mark Garvin
Seriously funny and ridiculously intelligent, This Is The Week That is opens 1812 Productions' 2022-2023 season with loads of cathartic laughter. What is this annual satire all about? Political sketch comedy featuring sharp improv, irreverent local humor, and riotous musical numbers. Written and performed by an exceptionally talented ensemble, the script changes nightly with the news cycle and the input of the audience.

Each of the cast members shine in their own moments and there is an amazing energy when Jennifer Childs, Sean Close, Pax Ressler, Jackie Soro, Lexi Thammavong, Brenson Thomas, and Robyn Unger all share the stage. Sean Close is hilarious as the News Anchor, keeping the pace fast and the laughs coming over an impressively long segment. Jennifer Childs is larger than life as both Patsy and Frosty the Snow Man. Brenson Thomas gets an enormous and well-deserved response from the audience as Santa Clause and the world's worst flight attendant. But my very favorite moment may be Lexi Thammavong dancing "The Nutcracker Suite" Philly style. That jawn is awesome.

Legitimately funny political sketch comedy is hard to find, so pick up a ticket and get ready to have a good time.

1812 Productions' This Is The Week That Is runs through December 31, 2022, at Plays and Players Theatre, 1714 Delancey Place, Philadelphia PA. For more information and tickets, visit

Written and Performed by the This Is The Week That Is 2022 Ensemble:
Jennifer Childs
Sean Close
Pax Ressler
Jackie Soro
Lexi Thammavong
Brenson Thomas
Robyn Unger

Directed by Tanaquil Márquez
Assistant Director and Choreographer: Melanie Cotton
Music Direction and Vocal Arrangements: Pax Ressler
Head Writer: Jennifer Childs
News Writers: Thomas E. Shotkin and Sean Close
Costume Designer: Leigh Paradise
Lighting Designer: Amanda Jensen
Properties Designer: Scott McMaster
Scenic Designer Colin: McIlvaine
Sound Designer: Jordan McCree
Video Designer: Michael Long