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A Stimulating Evening with Dan Hoyle's
Each and Every Thing

The Marsh

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Dan Hoyle
Rubber-face Dan Hoyle is a skilled solo performer in recreating voices of people he has met, and he fully becomes each character he is portraying. In his newest solo presentation, we experience the world in the digital age. This is probably a more personal performance for Hoyle and largely based on individuals and complex characters he has interviewed. These are interviews that have been conducted many years apart and they had no precise theme in mind at the time.

The 85-minute piece is sharply directed by Charlie Varon, who also helped develop the act along with the help of Maureen Towey. It all begins with a nasty Aryan Brotherhood affiliate threatening to beat up Hoyle after their interview in a Nebraska bar. Dan Hoyle covers a lot of ground in this production—from Chicago to Nebraska, San Francisco and even a coffeehouse in Calcutta. He morphs into his best friend and mentor Pratim with a lilting Indian accent, his parents, drug dealers in Chicago, and a close knit group at a digital detox retreat in Northern California. He uses his ever-changing face and his unmistaken ear to go through these characters at a rapid pace.

The artist even raps about the death of newspapers, which is a beautiful gem. He sings the Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows," playing guitar, in a section about a charming drugged car trip with Pratim. He has a certain hypnotic quality which keeps the audience interested throughout the intermissionless 85 minute program.

Dan Hoyle in Each and Every Thing at The Marsh San Francisco MainStage Theatre, 1062 Valencia Street (21st and 22nd Street), San Francisco though August 24, 2014. For tickets visit or call 415-282-3055.

Photo: Patti Meyer

Cheers - and be sure to Check the lineup of great shows this season in the San Francisco area

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