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A Fast Pace Comedy Production of
Everybody Here Says Hello

Wily West Productions

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Wily West Productions, which was formed in 2008 to provide locally run, locally cast productions of new plays by Bay Area playwrights, is presenting the new comedy Everybody Says Hello by Stuart Bousel through August 15 at the Exit Theatre.

Everybody Says Hello is a bittersweet story about the ups and downs of modern relationships and the divided pathways of sexuality. It's the story of Bryon (Dan Kurtz), an exasperated writer, and his bisexual boyfriend Patrick (Nick Trengove) who works in a bar as drag queen. The opening scene is at a ball game which Patrick knows nothing about. He has come to the game to give moral support to Bryon, who is baseball fan.

Rebecca (Mikka Bonel) is also at the game, and she takes a curious liking to Patrick and starts to hit on the guy. A romance is started. However, Rebecca has some emotional baggage involving her sister Esther (Kat Bushnell). Of course, Bryon is upset about this romance, but his former lover Luke (Sam Tillis) would like to renew their relationship. Of course as the Bard says "all's well that ends well."

Stuart Bousel has written a very clever entertainment and this production has a young energetic cast performing the roles. Don Kurtz and Nick Trengove stand out and have the best comedy one liners. Mikka Bonel is delightful as Rebecca. Tony Crimele, Kat Bushnell, Wesley Cayabyab, Sylvia Hathaway and Sam Tillis all give sharp performances.

Everybody Here Says Hello is playing at the Exit Theatre, Taylor Street, San Francisco through August 15th, 2014. For tickets go to

Cheers - and be sure to Check the lineup of great shows this season in the San Francisco area

- Richard Connema