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Salome, Dance for Me
New Conservatory Theatre Center

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Trixxie Carr
There have been many versions of the tale of the temptress Salome in King Herod's court and the head of John the Baptist. Hollywood has filmed it, including a silent film version plus the 1953 Columbia Pictures version with Rita Hayworth playing the sexual being. The most recent film in 2013 was Al Pacino's version of his stage play with Jessica Chastain. It was also made into an opera by Richard Strauss and the "Dance of the Seven Veils" has become a great classical piece.

Now, Trixxie Carr, a famous drag star who has created highly theatrical live music works for numerous international arts and music festivals, has written a new and interesting 80-minute work based on the opera by Richard Strauss. It's called Salome, Dance for Me. Ben Randle conceived and directs this electrifying version now playing at the New Conservatory Theatre Center with Trixxie Carr playing Salome; she also takes on the roles of Herod and Salome's mother Herodias. The part of Iokanaan or John the Baptist is recorded.

Trixxie Carr with Robert Mollicone, a member of the San Francisco Opera staff, have composed the music that starts out with about nine bars of the Richard Strauss opera and then goes in many different directions. The artist, along with Monique Jenkinson, has also has devised the sensual aerobic dances of the temptress in the style of choreographer Martha Graham. The whole production takes place in a small theatre that seats around 50 persons and is somewhat in your face. This is an interesting night of avant guarde theatre.

Salome, Dance for Me plays through August 29th, 2015, and tickets are available by calling 415-861-8972 or online at The theatre is located at 25 Van Ness Ave off Market Street, San Francisco.

Photo: Lois Tema

- Richard Connema