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My Mañana Comes
Marin Theatre Company
Review by Richard Connema | Season Schedule

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Shaun Patrick Tubbs and Eric Avilés
Photo by Kevin Berne
Marin Theatre Company is presenting Elizabeth Irwin's provocative comedy/drama My Mañana Comes. This is an amusing, moving play about four busboys at an Upper Westside Manhattan French restaurant who learn about life the hard way when a slow summer season leads to tough pay cuts, endangering their plans and their friendship. This 90-minute no-intermission production features four extraordinary actors as the busboys.

My Mañana Comes focuses generally on these four guys and their dreams and ambitions for a better life, specifically on a dispute with restaurant management over "shift pay." It takes place over a certain time period that is projected over the stage. The service guys are not where the chefs are but in a side workstation where they fold napkins, cut up garnishes, and polish the silverware. The four busboys discuss their everyday lives which all differ meaningfully from the fortunate lives of the customers who frequent the restaurant.

Peter (Shaun Patrick Tubbs), an African American, is in charge of the group since has has been there the longest. He is happy with his job and the daily routine and has a 2-year-old daughter at home who is his pride and joy. He manages three twentyish Mexicans, including the impetuous Brooklyn-born Whalid (Caleb Cabrera), who spends all of money on clothes and shoes but keeps his dream of an EMT certification; illegal worker Jorge, who has saved $32,000 so he can return to Mexico a rich man; and simple-minded illegal worker Pepe (Eric Avilés), who is sending money to his brother (Carlos Jose Gonzalez Morales) so he can enter the country illegally. They are shrewd, hard workers. All have dreams for a stable future and some sort of forward progress. They depend on the whims of their employers. If business is bad, they are the first ones to suffer. The playwright's dialogue is snappy and truthful and she shows great insight into these workers and their dreams.

Shaun Patrick Tubbs, Eric Avilés, Caleb Cabrera, and Carlos Jose Gonzales Morales are outstanding in their roles. Director Kirsten Brandt's swift direction presents a stimulating 90 minutes of theatre. Sean Fanning has devised a wonderful detailed service workstation enhanced with David Lee Cuthbert lighting and great work costumes by Brandin Barón.

My Mañana Comes plays through November 22, 2015, at Marin Theatre Company, 397 Miller Ave. Mill Valley. Tickets for this production can be obtained by calling 415-388-5208 or online at

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