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The Kid Thing
New Conservatory Theatre Center
Review by Richard Connema | Season Schedule

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Kimberly Ridgeway and Desiree Rogers
Photo by Lois Tema
The New Conservatory Theatre Center is currently presenting the Bay Area premier of Sarah Gubbins' engrossing The Kid Thing about two lesbian couples facing "the kid thing." The playwright's sharp dialogue with director Becca Wolff and a splendid cast make these four women feel absolutely plausible. You see them at their finest moments and their disagreeable moments as well.

Nate and Margot are a lesbian couple who announce to their friends, lesbian couple Darcy and Leigh, that they are having a baby through a male fertility donor. Leigh, the maternal one, is overjoyed with Margot, who is carrying the baby. However, Darcy shudders. After a few jumpy moments, Margot and Nate leave and Darcy and Leigh discuss their thoughts on the subject. Of course, Leigh would love to have a child but Darcy, who is PR executive, believes they are not prepared to have a baby. She firmly believes they are not ready money-wise or emotionally. Without Darcy's knowledge, Leigh contacts Margot's sperm donor Jacob, a straight former college pal, and of course Darcy is pissed off when she finds out about the meeting.

Sarah Gubbins has written a beautiful play that tackles some deep universal emotions such as anxiety, identity issues, trust, and renunciation. The cast makes the playwright's words come alive. This very provocative play is for men and women alike.

Desiree Roger is outstanding as Darcy. Her tour de force of acting at the end when she reveals the real reason for her resistance is powerful. Sarah Coykendall gives a vibrant performance as Leigh. She is bright and jovial throughout the drama. Kimberly Ridgeway is compelling as Margot, while Jaq Nguyen Victor gives a convincing performance as Nate. Rounding out the cast is Nick Mandracchia who terrifically plays down his performance, especially in the opening scene with Leigh.

Set designer Ysuke Soi provides a perfect detailed apartment living room with tasteful furniture. Director Becca Wolff gives all-out value with a fresh and quick-witted staging.

The Kid Thing plays at the New Conservatory Theatre Center, 25 Van Ness, just off Market Street,San Francisco through December 13th, 2015. Coming up next is the return of Avenue Q opening on December 4th and running through January 17. Tickets can be obtained for both by calling the box office at 415-861-8972 or visiting

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