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The Legend of Georgia McBride
Marin Theatre Company
Review by Richard Connema | Season Schedule

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Kraig Swartz and Adam Magill
Photo by Kevin Berne
Marin Theatre Company finishes up their 50th season by presenting a fabulous production of Matthew Lopez's The Legend of Georgia McBride, with Kraig Swartz, Jason Kapoor and Adam Magill playing outstanding drag artists. It is two hours of pure entertainment.

Elvis impersonator Casey (Adam Magill) is going through a rough period since no one is going to his shows at a Panama City diva bar. His rent is long overdue and his wife Jo (Tatiana Wechsler) is expecting a baby. Eddie (John R. Lewis) is thinking of firing Casey because of poor box office. Eddie also has a relative who is a seasoned drag queen, Miss Tracy Mills (Kraig Swartz), and he books Miss Tracy Mills and her partner Rexy (Jason Kapoor). Rexy has an unfortunately accident and Casey is forced to go on as Edith Piaf. Tracy teaches Casey his tricks of the cross-dressing trade and Casey becomes a star as Georgia McBride. He adopts a drag queen persona, both on and off stage, until he finally settles in on who he has become. Matthew Lopez's writing is sharp (Miss Rexy tells Casey, "Drag is a raised fist inside a sequined glove. Drag is not for sissies. That's me. Who the fuck are you?")

The drag performances are lively and spectacular. Adam Magill excels as Casey taking his first steps in the drag world. We watch a man struggling to put on women's clothing and shoes. He becomes a drag artist before your eyes—a total drag queen both on stage and off. Adam Magill's drag performances are exceptional and he is hilarious in the first appearance in the Edith Piaf number.

Kraig Swartz as Miss Tracy Mills is absolutely fantastic. She is marvelous doing the Gloria Gaynor number "I Will Survive." Jason Kapoor as Rexy gives a stunning performance, and John R. Lewis and Tatiana Wechsler are excellent in the roles of Eddie and Jo.

The extravagant costumes designed with skill by Kara Harmon are enchanting, and the direction by Kent Gash is classy.

Bottom Line: This is an entertaining two-hour production with three superb drags artists.

The Legend of Georgia McBride runs through July 9, 2017, at Marin Theatre, 397 Miller ave. Mill Valley. For tickets please call 415-388-5208 or visit The Marin Theatre will open their 51st season with Thomas Bradshaw's Thomas and Sally September 28 through October 22, 2017.

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