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The Making of a Great Moment
Z Space
Review by Richard Connema | Season Schedule

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Danny Scheie and Aysan Celik
Photo by Meghan Moore
Z Space is presenting Peter Sinn Nachtrieb's The Making of a Great Moment starring the hysterical Danny Scheie as Terry Dean and Aysan Celik as Mona Barnes. The duo's witty chitchat and magnetism seize the audience's attention from the start. Peter Sinn Nachtrieb wrote and developed this farcical comedy with Scheie and Celik in mind.

Actors Terry (Danny Scheie) and Mona (Aysan Celik) from Victoria, British Columbia, are on an aspiring quest—to tour their daunting four-hour play, "Great Moments in Human Achievement," across the county by bicycle. (The theatre is called Bicycle Theatre Company.) Surely, they'll bring inspiration to millions of people by reenacting history's high points. We see a series of scenes with Terry and Mona stating facts relating to historical characters in rapid order. The twosome is in rural New Hampshire and they just completed the first night, playing to a boisterous audience (we are the audience). Thank god, it is only part of the play-within-the-play and doesn't last four hours.

When the day is done, our flawed individuals manage a great moment of their own. They bicycle to their tents in the great outdoors. Mona is kept wake at night thinking of how the play can be better. She wants to make more of an impact on their audiences and make the world better. Terry has cynical reservations about the play and they argue about its meaning. Terry's equivocations are completely reasonable. The dialogue between the two tends to be clever and there are plenty of zingers.

The Making of a Great Moment is prefect entertainment with very talented people giving a comic tour de force. Sean Daniels nicely directs this fast-paced, 100-minute no intermission comedy.

The Making of a Great Moment runs through August 26, 2017, at Z Space, 470 Florida Street. San Francisco. For ticket call 415-626-0453 or visit