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Teatro ZinZanni's Fun But Familiar Lucky In Love

Francine Reed
There is even less plot than usual in Teatro ZinZanni's latest show Lucky In Love and an overabundance of the familiar, but with a tireless and talented troupe of performers and variety artists on hand, it is also a breezy and tasty way to spend 3 hours on dinner and a show

There isn't much to say about the "storyline" involving attempts to get away with the loot held in a golden strongbox, so let's just cut to the entertainers. The diminutive host is comic and crooner Joe De Paul. Picture Danny DeVito with the vocals of a Steve Lawrence and you have some idea of De Paul, who brings a comic flair, lightning in a bottle energy and expert timing to all he does. He contrasts well with the jazzy and warm-hearted charms of this edition's hostess, Francine Reed. From soul to Sondheim, Miss Reed imbues her vocals with heart and the well-honed style of the old time glamour gal that once upon a time presided over a high-class gin joint.

There is no lack of variety in the specialty acts. Vita Radionova's hula hoop artistry and contortion and balancing routine are top drawer, and not to be attempted at home! The Duo Madrona are trapeze artistes of remarkable skill, while the versatile and seemingly tireless talents of Les Petits Frères are ideally suited to playing multiple character roles, topping that off with their trademark tumbling Terpsichore. Comic Peter Pitofsky is a bit limited but amusing, roaming in and out of the show looking for all the world like the love child of star stooge Curly Howard. Juggler Sergiy Krutikove was not in top form on opening night, but based on past performances he will be back juggling jauntily for future audiences.

Meal service and bill of fare on this visit were most satisfying, and those who care to imbibe will surely enjoy their wine flight sampler. On the entertainment side, I did miss more audience participation which was noticeably if not entirely absent from this version. On balance though, Lucky In Love might best be enjoyed by newcomers to ZinZanni, and an ideal way to entertain out of town guests on a big night out, without breaking your bank.

Lucky In Love runs through September 8th at Teatro ZinZanni, 222 Mercer Street across from Seattle Center. For tickets or information contact the Teatro ZinZanni box office at 206-802-0015 or visit them online at

Photo: Keith Brofsky

- David Edward Hughes

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