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Golf: The Musical

Eric Krebs must have sat down one day and thought, "we've had musicals about bats, witches, murderers, and orphans; let's think outside the box for a moment." So he created a musical paying tribute to the less appreciated sport called golf. It's a concept that, while not setting the world on fire, brings new meaning to the word 'interesting.' So put on your best plaid pants, sweater vests and matching caps, because the aptly titled Golf: The Musical is now playing on the green of the Maltz Jupiter Theatre.

Golf: The Musical, which ended its Off-Broadway run in April, is having an amusing regional premiere featuring two of its original actors: Joel Blum and Christopher Sutton. Along with local artists Irene Adjan and Jack Lawson, the quartet zips through 90 minutes of vignettes and numbers, showing their appreciation for an activity that is largely overlooked for its remarkable attire, tranquil settings, and less barbaric state of mind.

Irene Adjan, Christopher Sutton, Jack Lawson, Joel Blum

Co-collaborator Michael Roberts' libretto is basically nothing but little skits to pass time for quaint ensemble numbers, and humorous solos. The compensation is in his score and words, including hilarious selections like "Tiger Woods," a gospel-filled hymn worshipping the man who revitalized the sport; "Plaid," an ode to the golf apparel of choice; and "Golfing in Summer in Florida," an appreciation of golf on those long, hot days (the state will probably change due to each engagement).

With a few zingers in between, Roberts' takes on two-person routines are callow at best. He recreates the Bob Hope and Bing Crosby sequences in "Heaven" with Joel Blum (great as Bob Hope) and Jack Lawson (doing a passable Crosby impersonation). Unfortunately, the skit goes on a little too long and the jokes begin to wear thin when no music is played. The better solo numbers belong to Christopher Sutton in "The Golfer's Psalm," while Irene Adjan sinks a hole in one with "Lonely Lady Golfer" and "My Husband is Playing Around."

For an intimate setting dealing with only a quartet of actors, J. Randall Booth's musical direction is simplistic: just one piano does the trick. Michael Miles' set design is a green wonderland while David Goodman lights clever silhouettes of golfers to blend in with the set.

Golf: The Musical is just an anecdote for those who are not hip to the game and want to be amused. For others, it's an entertaining guilty pleasure best served for those who really enjoy the sport. Anyway they slice it, it's be a fun-filled night. Just the leave the five-iron at home.

Golf: The Musical will be going to other cities, including Detroit and Minneapolis, but for now this production will be playing the rounds until August 1st at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre, 1001 E. Indiantown Road. For tickets, call the box office at (561) 575-2223 or visit the website at

Conceived by Eric Krebs
Book, Music & Lyrics by Michael Roberts

Cast: Irene Adjan*, Joel Blum* (7/6 - 7/25), Robin Haynes* (7/27-8/1)
Jack Lawson*, and Christopher Sutton*

Production Stage Manager: Brenda Arko*

Musical Direction: J. Randall Booth
Music Supervisor and Arranger: Ken Lundie

Set Design: Michael Miles
Lighting Design: David Goodman
Costume Coordinator: Alice McClanahan

Directed by Christopher Scott

*- denotes Actor's Equity Association

Photo: Randall Hribko, Studio Palm Beach

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-- Kevin Johnson

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