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Naked Boys Singing!
Empire Stage
Review by Jeffrey Bruce | Season Schedule

Charles Walljasper Robinson, Quentin Bruno, Tim Garnham, Jonte Jaurel Culpepper, Stephen Millet, Anthony Massarotto
Photo by William McLeod
What a fun bit of "fluff" (you should pardon the expression)! When I saw Oh! Calcutta! years ago, I remember that, in addition to the beautiful male and female bodies, it was very, very funny. There were some very entertaining and poignant sketches. Approaching Naked Boys Singing! for the sold out opening, I was hesitant, to put it mildly.

But what a delightful surprise it is. Six men of various body types and talent abilities sing, dance, cartwheel and you name it, while completely nude. Eventually, after you have put down your imaginary binoculars and scanned the cast (and you won't need the binoculars, because the theatre is tiny, with approximately 60 seats), you will start to concentrate on the material at hand (you should pardon the expression).

There is no song list in the program, which is unfortunate, but the definite highlight of the night is a little ditty called "Perky Little Porn Star" performed by Anthony Massarotto who, by sheer talent, steals the show. This young man has it all, literally, and is able to connect with the audience, which is difficult for some of the other cast members.

The show includes solos, "production numbers," and a nude pas de deux. Direction by Tim Evanicki is clean, tight (oyyyy), and fast paced. It runs a very quick 65 minutes (they say 85, but last night, uh uh).

Although there were only two women in attendance at the performance I attended, the show is so enjoyable that one shouldn't worry about feeling out of place. For anyone looking for a mindless bit of enjoyment, Naked Boys SInging! fits the bill. Of course, while watching, a little voice in my head kept saying, "Jeff, time to go to the gym." Maybe tomorrow. Have fun!

Naked Boys Singing! at the Empire Stage through December 4, 2016. 1140 No. Flagler Drive, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Tickets may be purchased at Empire or by calling 954-678-1496.

Cast: Charles Walljasper Robinson, Quentin Bruno, Tim Garnham, Jonte Jaurel Culpepper, Stephen Millet, Anthony Massarotto, understudy Sean Patrick Philibin.

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