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Roy Morano, with support by the Palm Beach International Piano Competition, presents the original musical Someday at the Township Center for the Performing Arts. Mr. Morano not only produced this debut production, but wrote the book, lyrics, music and orchestrations for the show as well. With a number of theaters in South Florida featuring new and emerging works, it is appropriate that he use one of these local theaters as a testing ground for this new piece.

Set in early 20th century New York, Someday follows the lives of its leading characters and their quests for love, through events over a time span of sixteen years. It is the story of best friends Matthew and Rick, one a budding artist, and the other a street wise ne'er-do-well. Matthew becomes enamored of a local singing star named Footsy and thinks his dreams come true as they are about to be married. When she is called away on tour, the wedding is postponed. While Footsy is away, Matthew meets and falls in love with the wealthy and privileged Teresa. Though she returns his fervor, she cannot disobey her parents wishes and marry this poor, Bohemian artist. In a time of Edwardian sensibilities and constraints, she dutifully marries the prominent man to whom she is engaged. Rick takes Matthew to Paris to seek fame as an artist and to distract him from his broken heart. Matthew finds fame and fortune, but no escape from his love for Teresa. Rick finds a home for his street born savvy as a law student, and a home for his heart with the daughter of his professor, Cynthia, whom he marries. World War I imposes itself on their lives, and both men serve in the armed forces. Rick's life is taken in the war, and Matthew is left without his best friend, and still heartsick for his one true love, Teresa. He returns to America, and is reunited with the now widowed Teresa in the fanciful "Someday" of which he has long dreamed.

The style of the show is definitely influenced by the era in which it is set. Back drops, sets, and costumes are nicely done and establish the charm of time. Ideally, the artful language of the period should combine with the emotional simplicity of the time to evoke a similar genuine charm. There are, however, moments when the dialogue is stilted or makes the musical seem more like a melodrama. The language of the period is fluid for some of the characters, particularly Robert Dyckman as Matthew. It is less comfortable for others. The show, a full three hours long, is in need of trimming and tightening. The first act, at an hour and forty-five minutes, has extraneous scenes which do not serve to further the plot or character development. A few of the songs have unnecessarily repeated verses, and appear overly presentational. The use of musical track accompaniment provides a full sound, but at times sounds very synthesized.

Rachel Klein as Footsy is close to adorable. The show's choreography shines best in her numbers. Jaime Diaz as Rick is very engaging, and his pairing with Kimberly Morgan as Cynthia is quite nice. Roberta Rehner as Teresa has lovely high notes, but lacks warmth and depth as an actress, especially next to the warmth and polish of Mr. Dyckman as Matthew. The show's supporting cast has some considerable unevenness. This is a brand new show filled with peaks and valleys, but most importantly, it's a show of promise as well. Mr. Morano's journey is to now fulfill the promise of this new romantic musical.

Someday appeared August 5th - 7th, 2005 at the Township Center for the Performing Arts. The theater is located at 2452 Lyons Rd. in Coconut Creek, Florida. For information on tickets and their season, you may reach the theater at 954/970-0606 or at 954/429-3217.

Matthew Questa: Robert J. Dyckman*
Rick Hart: Jaime Diaz
Footsy Roman: Rachel Klein
Teresa D'Allessio: Roberta Rehner
Kathy Hart: Fawn Allen
Mother D'Allessio: Lois Weiss
Father D'Allessio/Professor Wells: Johnpaul Moccia
Joseph McAllister: Andrew Chismar
Eleanor/Cynthia: Kimberly Morgan
Lizzy: Erica Harding
Bea-Bea: Danielle Crutcher
Martin/Percival: David Meulemans
Rippington/John McAllister: Kerry Sensenbach
Fortesque/Louie/Dino/Lorenzo: John Caparosa
Announcer/Butler: Marc Goldsmith
Bartender/Fabersham/Butler/Bouncer: Joe Stravers
Mrs. Hart: Stacey Proffitt
Flower Vendor: Kyle Proffitt
Dancers: Danielle Crutcher, Josie Geyer, and Angelina Suarez

Director: Lee Ann D'Agosta
Musical Director: Roy Morano
Choreography: Josi Geyer
Lighting Design: Herb Lincoln
Sound Design: Robin Imamshah
Costumes:Costume World / Monica Morano
Stage Manger/Production Manager: Ellen Schwarz

*Designates Member of Actor's Equity Association

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-- John Lariviere

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