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God is Crazy About You!

Mark Lowry presents an evening of spiritual comedy and music in his current touring show titled God Is Crazy About You!. His music video release of Mark Lowry on Broadway debuted at #1 on the Billboard Music Video Chart. Of his six comedy and music videos, four have gone Gold and two have achieved Platinum status. Now, along with pianist Stan Whitmire and the singing group, LordSong, he has taken his latest act on the road.

Mark gained public attention when he began singing with the Gaither Vocal Band in 1988. His on-stage antics with Bill Gaither were an instant hit, and he remained with the Gaither Vocal Band for thirteen years. He has been featured on more than sixty Gaither Homecoming videos, often as the co-host along side Bill Gaither.

In 1984, Mark wrote the lyrics to the hit song "Mary, Did You Know?" It has since become a standard in Christian music, recorded by more than thirty different artists such as Kathy Mattea, Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd. In 2004 Mark released his first Christmas CD including his own "Mary, Did You Know?".

At this performance at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, a camera was used for close ups, which were shown on a big screen overhead. However, as this was presented in a church rather than a theater it was lacking in the range of lighting to best frame the moods of different moments in the show.

Mark's solos are strong, though his microphone was lacking in crispness. He is accompanied both by click tracks and by live pianist Stan Whitmire. Stan, an accomplished solo artist in his own right, is best described as the Christian music equivalent to Jim Brickman. He has released more than twelve CDs, and is a Dove Award Nominee. His playing really is quite beautiful. Mr. Lowry is also flanked by a gifted trio of singers, LordSong, comprised of husband and wife team Michael and Kim Lord and Amber Balltzglier. The trio currently have two CDs entitled Day Three, and LordSong. Whether singing accompanied or a cappella, their tight harmonies are rock solid. Unfortunately, when Mark was backed by LordSong, his volume in the sound system was even with theirs rather than cued for a soloist.

Mark's engaging brand of comedy is appealing. He shares personal stories including his issues with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), along with anecdotes and observations, much like Will Rogers on a sugar rush. Naturally the subject matter is spiritual, but the material avoids being preachy or denominationally motivated. Mark steps away from a lighthearted feel only near the end of the show when he sincerely expresses his faith and devotion, sharing with his audience his ministry of music and comedy.

God Is Crazy About You! was presented at the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on January 13, 2006. For information on their concert series you may contact them at More information on Mark Lowry may be found at Information on Stan Whitmire may be found at Information on LordSong may be found at

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-- John Lariviere

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