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A Christmas Carol
The Players Centre for the Performing Arts
William S. Oser | Season Schedule

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Jim Floyd
Photo Courtesy of The Players Centre for the Performing Arts
On a crisp December evening (for Florida), The Players Centre for the Performing Arts performed a near miracle, creating live theater out of nothingness. The Players Centre is now out of their permanent home and will probably not have another space they can call their own for two to three years, depending at least partially on fundraising. They have taken the courtyard area at The Bazaar, just north of downtown Sarasota, carved out a stage area, and put up a set by Ken Junkins that would have been respectable on their old main stage, to present performances of a one-man version of A Christmas Carol, adapted by Greg Oliver Bodine from Charles Dickens.

Seating in small groups is limited and socially distanced with masks required. Except for an opening setup that has Dickens on a lecture tour of America reading/telling this famous story, it is all Dickens' original with some modest trimming. Going back to the original text reminds me that Dickens lifted a fine morality story to a work of art with his brilliant writing. Other versions, and lord knows I've seen many in my lifetime, may bring extras to the table, but nothing can best Dickens' own.

Director and Players Centre Artistic Director Jeffrey Kin gives us enough theatricality in this one-man piece so audience interest shouldn't wane. Merely memorizing this 90-minute, wordy text would be quite a feat, but star Jim Floyd accomplishes much more, clearly delineating more than 20 characters, making the familiar story fresh again.

Props are costumes and costumes props in this production: the excellent costumes are by Georgia Willnott; props are by Alyssa Goudy and Kim Livengood. Remembering that all lights had to be installed, the lighting design by Matt Neier is remarkable. Sound design by Josh Linderman adds luster to the story telling.

Mr. Kin announced that there will be a continuing use of this space with Souvenir coming in late January and love scenes from Shakespeare around Valentine's day.

The Players Centre for Performing Arts presents A Christmas Carol through December 20, 2020, at The Bazaar on Apricot & Lime, 821 Apricot Ave, Sarasota, FL 34237 FL. Box Office: 941-365-2494. For more information visit

Cast: Jim Floyd as Charles Dickens/Ebeneezer Scrooge and everyone else