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Making the links: Fall '98

Well, it's time again for my occasional column on what's going on throughout  the Web, theatrically, at least.  As you can probably tell from my own links site Theatricopia,  it's the musical theatre that interests me the most, and that's what I have to offer you this week. 

Since I've been working on my new website, only the current versions of the Musicals and Performers pages have been updated.  Yes, I know it's been ages, but please bear with me.  I don't have tenure yet, so my actual job comes first.  Anyway, here's a look at a few websites you might have missed in your travels around the web, this month spotlighting pages devoted to the folks who create the musicals we love and hate.  I'll throw in a couple of bonus sites at the end, if you're all good and click on the nice links.

First, here are a few pages for men and women who write the words and music for the shows:

The Jim Steinman Web-Site

No longer just "that guy who writes for Meatloaf", Steinman is the lyricist for Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest, Whistle Down the Wind, and also the rock opera Dance of the Vampires.  I haven't seen the latter show, but you have to love a vampire story that includes a song called "Bite Me."  
There are quite a few Jim Steinman sites, actually, including a site in  Denmark called The Jim Steinman Temple, but the link above is the official site.  Nice, in that it has sections on both the 1996 and 1998 versions of WDTW.    
Andrew Lloyd Webber's Bottom Drawer
Mentioned in the media recently, during ALW's well-publicized troubles over his allegedly sticky fingers music-wise, here's a link to Steve Haygreen's site going over all of Lloyd Webber's transgressions and supposed borrowings.  Very well-assembled, with lots of .ram and .wav files, as well as lyric comparisons.  You'll want to bookmark this one. Steve does other musical pages, too; his site for Joseph and his Amazing.... is my pick for the best on the web.
Jeffrey Sweet
Jeff Sweet has written music for What About Luv, and, with Melissa Manchester, I Sent a Letter to my Love.  This is his own personal page, with lots of great links to information about the shows with which he's been involved.  
Steve Schalchlin Fan Club
Hey, Steve!  Is this cool, or what?  The links in the upper half of the page go to various spots on, but there are a lot of great links to a bunch of pages dedicated to the one and only Steve!  Gabi Clayton is the person behind all of this love, and you can really feel it as you go through all of the sites accessible from this page.
The Virtual Cole Porter/A Guide to his Work
Another excellent, mind-bogglingly thorough website from Michael Hutchins.  The title says it all; check it out!
Jerome Moross
Moross wrote the music for The Golden Apple 'Nuf said.
The Adam Guettel Pages
Here's a beginning page for this hot young composer.  I hear that an official site is in the works, but until we see that, LoweCoffee has pulled together a nice amount of information for those unfamiliar with Guettel's work.

Okay, here are the bonus sites I promised you. Hopefully, you'll agree that they were worth sticking around for!


As far as I know, the only Broadway show site dedicated to the musicians. This site is for the folks in the pit at Jekyll and Hyde.

The Ragtime Touring Cast
An awesome site, put together by a member of one of the touring casts of Ragtime. This is the tour that just left Denver and is now in Minneapolis. There's an online diary, pictures of the cast, and lots more.

Blood Brothers
I get tons of requests for a page on this show! Finally, I've found a good one.

That wraps up another links column. Hope it was as good for you as it was for me. Please let me know if you run across a really cool site that you'd like to see on Theatricopia. My new goal for the updated site is Christmas, I swear.

Thanks for joining me, everyone. I hope you were all playing along at home, following the links on the page. If you especially liked one or two of them, come join us on All That Chat; where you just might meet the authors AND the subjects of these pages!

Wanna' talk to others about this column or anything else theatre related? Check out All That Chat!

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