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A Brief Excursion

Osborne Productions presents a premiere of a new play, A Brief Excursion by John Greiner, for a limited Off Broadway engagement at the PULSE Theatre, 432 West 42nd Street (Theatre Row). Previews begin on Thursday, November 12th and the Opening is Monday, November 16th at 8:00 pm.

A Brief Excursion is a play in which an apparently common kitchen becomes a nightmare of misplaced identity, sexual and emotional manipulation and dysfunctional power struggles. The play itself has experienced an interesting history that has since involved The Dramatists Guild. This occurred when a theatre suggested changing the title of the play, dropping the playwright's credit, and then to add to the mess, specify that the playwright not be told. This eventually led to the play being withdrawn. Thus, as happens many times, art reflects life or is it life can reflect art in a nightmare series of conflicts and power struggles?

The play is directed by Matthew Putman. Set design and costumes are by Sara Tosetti with sound design by Marc Gwinn. The cast includes Robert DiFalco, Sally Kemp, Holly King, Robert Margolis and Alex Poppe. Tickets are only $12.00. For reservations call (212) 247-8548.

Go out and see an Off Broadway play just for the heck of it. It'll open new doors in your theater going experience. Recently, I was talking to Robert Whitehead and Eli Wallach about plays in New York. After the conversations I realized we weren't talkin' Broadway at all. Our conversations were really talkin Off Broadway. Join Wendy Guida in her new Off Broadway column right here as she takes a look at Over the River and through the Woods this week.

Tidbits: There is just a little over a month to catch that great original cast of Ragtime before we say good-bye to Marin, Audra, Peter, Steven and Stokes. Did I say Stokes? Well, that's not a definite but in my opinion, it's highly doubtful that he will stay on. Sounds like they're all singing the "Gettin' Ready Exit”. Anyhow, thanks guys and dolls for the greatest Broadway cast album ever recorded and for those brilliant performances on the Ford Center stage.

I hear a certain Talkin' Broadway staff member personality will be appearing on a nationally syndicated television show along with a Broadway star, a Broadway producer and a Broadway director. Stay tuned.

On Fri., Dec. 18, The Fantasticks, the show billed as the world's longest running musical, will celebrate its 16,000th performance and is seeking to gather the production's acting alumni for a media event. Alums of the show who want to help celebrate the 16,000th performance should contact publicist Steve Agins at Agins Communications, 1530 Palisade Ave., Fort Lee, NJ 07024, or e-mail

This Monday's (Nov. 16) edition of Variety should be interesting. The Phantom Movie Campaign ad which endorses Michael Crawford for the future Warner Brothers film The Phantom of the Opera appears. Money was raised over the Internet to help pay for the ad and to get their message out to the boys at the studios. Will Crawford get to recreate the Broadway role for the film? Of course he will. Hollywooders ain't stupid, and if they are, I have just three words for them ... "Remember the Mame!”.

Caught the new 22 million dollar budgeted show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. It's called O which is a take on the French word "eau” which means water. It's produced by Cirque du Soliel and I have a one word review for O ... Outtathisworld! I'll have more to say in the Regional section review. Speaking of Las Vegas, EFX star David Cassidy's contract ends at the end of December. Rumors are about that Tommy Tune has been brought in to fine tune some dancing or perhaps even star. No confirmation from the Grand. Forever Plaid at the Flamingo is almost doing capacity business and is always sold out on weekends while the Rockette show is doing poorly since Paige O'Hara left.

Don't you love dirt? Me too. If a certain Broadway show doesn't recoup its investment, even if it gets good reviews, it's bye-bye time for Mr. Ego. Oh, the things you overhear at power lunches!

If Cabaret keeps dropping a point or two each week, I wouldn't expect it to run beyond February or March. However, Roundabout is keeping the option open on Studio 54. It seems they have a major, unannounced project for the fall of 1999. Studio 54 is thought to be the ideal venue. Sounds like Roundabout is about to enter the game with the big corporate boys. You know, the ones associated with the mouse and the other with the rat.

Papermill Gypsy is officially dead. It won't be transferring or crossing the border. Wonder if the Diva gets to keep the five hundred dollars a pair Donna Karen pumps?

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