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The Capeman

Okay, lets get it out of the way, The Capeman is a a lot like flan, sometimes too sweet and very little substance. I don't think Jerry Zaks was brought in too late, nor do I feel the show needs more time. It's simply not there.

People keep telling me about the great music. It may be good on its own but it doesn't work in a Broadway musical. Anyhow, Christina's World covers the review for you.

After seeing the show, I headed over to a local pub and got an earful about the musical. Residents of the area known as Hell's Kitchen where The Capeman takes place are upset with the portrayal of the gangs of the late 1950's, but especially with the portrayal of Agron in particular. The murders were simply not self defense stabbings, but much more vicious in their nature. One theater person was so enraged that he shouted, "I hope it closes opening night!"

Tidbits: I was walking by Barrymores the other night and a very cold wind was blowing toward the river; I looked over across the street and there was Robert Cuccioli signing autographs. It's late after his starring performance in Jekyll & Hyde. The show was over an hour earlier. He doesn't have to do this. But, that's Bob. He is such a great guy and a wonderful performer to boot. Three days later, after the Wednesday evening show, I see the line of Jekkies waiting at the stage door. And he'll come out as he always does. I walked over to the line and spoke with Yolanda Culler who has seen the show 18 times and Kristal Tweedle who has seen the show 24 times. Both, obviously, love the show and have become known to the cast as they are always there and each time the Cooch signs something for them and will engage in a little chat. Great guy, great fans!

There's a new musical in workshop called Fosse! and it features all of the big numbers from Fosse's musicals including, Sweet Charity, Chicago, Redhead, or you name it, sort of like a Jerome Robbins' Broadway and it's being directed and choreographed by Scott Wise. Broadway bound?

Melinda and I saw The Last Session at the Wed. matinee and Ragtime in the evening. I went back to TLS to give a second listen to the lyrics and wanted Melinda to see the show. Ragtime keeps getting better and better on each visit. I particularly enjoyed Peter Friedman in the role of Tateh. He nails it dead on and has a great voice to boot!

All good things come to an end, and here I sit on the Wrong Island Railroad and I'm going to spend a few days with friends before heading back home. Manhattan was just the lift I needed. Went to the theater six times, met many cyber friends in person, and had my fun in the theater district. Can't wait for the next trip. Perhaps we'll do a big party come Tony time. They're going to be held at the Ford Center which seats 1,800, and unlike Radio City which seats over 6,000, there's no word out on whether tickets will be available to the public.

Can't wait for The Capeman reviews either. The Times will probably love it!

See you Saturday!

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