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Side Show Meets Reality

Today, I am driving to Los Angeles, crossing the desert once again, to see Davis Gaines in concert at the Cinegrill in Hollywood. I'll stop in Barstow at the Mad Greek for lunch, and during my meal, I'm sure I will think of the Garcia twins.

You see, the Garcia twins were born two weeks ago and like Violet and Daisy in the recent Broadway musical, they are conjoined twins. Once every 200,000 births conjoined tots are joined at birth. What makes the Garcia twins most interesting is that they are two individual little babies with separate heads and hearts but are joined at the waist, sort of like a "Y" formation, sharing one liver and other vital organs and with just two legs. However, they have separate souls and minds.

This modern day "Daisy & Violet" story became a reality just two weeks ago when Karen Garcia gave birth to the 8 pound 11 ounce twins. Knowing during pregnancy that the twins were conjoined, that didn't take away from the mother or father's joys in hearing the babies first cries.

In the next few months, doctors will advise the couple of the health of the babies and whether they can be separated. Karen is scared to death that she will have to make a "Sophie's Choice" decision, sentencing one child to death to save the other. She and her husband, Angel, love both babies and will gladly keep them the way they are but will abide by doctors advice on what is best for both Gabriella and Michaela, whether conjoined or separated successfully and healthy. They fully well understand the consequences of surgery and are putting up a brave front.

This miraculous story touches the hearts of any mother or anyone who has seen the Broadway show, Side Show, which depicted the incredibly touching life of Violet and Daisy Hilton who were joined at the hip and lived their lives as Vaudeville attractions. One can only wonder what the future holds for the Garcia twins.

If you would like to help, you can contact the Desert Community Bank in Barstow, California at 760-252-2130, extension 1201.

Of course, in a situation such as the Garcia's are in, they will need any help that is available and that includes financial assistance. If you'd like to send in a donation to help them out, make checks payable to:

"Gabriella and Michaela Garcia Trust Account" c/o Desert Community Bank 945 East Armory Road Barstow, CA. 92311

Please write the account number 0248659820 on the check in the memo area. Our best wishes to Karen, Angel and their other toddler, Mia.

See You Sunday!

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