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The Turn-of-the-Century Musical

'Titanic' Meets 'Gilligan's Island' in Wacky New Comedy

Just in time for the millennium, three mismatched couples, a passenger liner and a runaway sperm whale all meet in the musical comedy Starboard Home by Chuck Muckle and David Eisner, re-launching at its home port The Triad Theatre (158 West 72nd Street, east of Broadway). With a score combining witty lyrics and catchy melodies, Starboard Home sets sail on Sundays, December 5th, 12th and 19th at 4 PM in POSH Production directed by Charles Michael with choreography by Patrick Loy.

Starboard Home takes place on an ocean liner leaving Southampton, England on New Year's Eve 1899. Among the passengers are Lord Goodenough (a bit of a bounder) and his Lady (the famous ex-showgirl Lexie LaRue), their feisty maid Rosie O. Grady, the international playboy Davy Jones (disguised as a valet), and a suffragette named Pamela Postlethwaite who's bent on revenge. The Captain, Cyril Cathcart, loses his command as a sperm whale snags the anchor and hijacks the cruiser on an Atlantic trip-to-nowhere, and the maritime merriment begins.

The energetic ensemble cast features Kathy Brier, Ellie Grosso, John C. Havens, Kelly King, Seth Teter and Matt Walton. Collaborators David Eisner (book and lyrics) and Chuck Muckle (music and musical director) have produced 150 songs and three musicals, including Mourning Becomes Ridiculous and Three For the Road.

Tickets for Starboard Home are $15, with a food and drink minimum of $15. For information and reservations, please call (212) 799-4599.

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