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I Still Love New York

Despite what you read in my last column I still have a love affair with New York City and Broadway. And it doesn't matter that I flew 2,500 miles this weekend to catch a performance of Kiss Me, Kate. I'm not seeing it. It doesn't matter. It's not important that these four tickets were supposedly reserved for me well in advance. I'm only a V.P. in a big company and the tickets were given to our wonderfully employed truck drivers. Not important. G-r-r-r- r-r!

Well, when these things happen and, obviously they do, you must turn to plan B. And that's exactly what I did. So, transit strike or not, I'm heading to Manhattan today to give it another shot. But, this time I'm taking the Wrong Island Railroad.

The first thing I did when I heard that my Kiss Me, Kate tickets were gone was call the guy who handles tickets with my company. I said, "Hey, where are my tickets?" He explained something about someone else using them but could get me in the first 12 rows for $640. for four tickets. Yikes! That's immoral and I'm totally opposed to that. Freakin' scalper! I hung up and thought well, I was supposed to see Dame Edna on Thursday, so let's push that up to the Wednesday matinee which I did. And for Wednesday night I pulled a few strings and will be on the aisle at Chicago to see Sandy Duncan and Mamie Duncan-Gibbs, a duo I've been dying to see, and an added plus is to see my wonderful and talented friend, Marcia Lewis, once again.

Of course, I couldn't let my company off the hook. 2,500 miles is not forgivable. So I went into the office and grabbed a credit card. "This is for lunch! I'm going four stars." "V.J., please, keep it under $300.00." "Hah!"

Anyhow, on Friday, we'll have a full report for you on Dame Edna, The Royal Tour and Sandy and Mamie in Chicago, and that four-star lunch!

Tidbits: The transit strike has fear in everyone's hearts. It could really cripple the city, but I think it's settled.

InTheater folding? I don't know. It looks that way, but Richard Parker says no. So why are the writers getting their resumes together? We'll see. One thing which was pointed out and that was the lack of Broadway shows advertising in their magazine which would support them. Sadly, if InTheater folds, I doubt we'll see another magazine of this calibre on the horizon. And let it be a lesson to Broadway producers and press agents. If you want the word out there support those that feed you and get the word out there...and that includes Talkin' Broadway... 30 million hits a year and growing!

Our Auction for a Cause on eBay has caught fire. We're over our goal of $2000.00 and have 3 days to go. I would like to thank the many who have donated items plus all the bidders. You've all been beyond my wildest expectations. Thanks. Go to "All That Chat" if you'd like to bid on the rest of the items in the next few days. Today, we added 2 tickets to Amadeus and the current bid is 11 bucks! It won't stay that way for long, for sure.

And so I flew 2,500 miles to see Kiss Me, Kate and won't see it. Who cares? I do. I won't see my buddy Stokes. Well, maybe next time.

Oh well, I still love New York!

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