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The Broadway Theater Institute is a New York based national, tax-exempt cultural preservation, education services and membership organization. Incorporated in 1986, with the mission of perpetuating, preserving and protecting the history and experience of the Broadway theater, it seeks to accomplish these goals through the following programs:

Cultural Preservation

  • Direct From Broadway! Theater History Exhibits: Currently in development: Black Americans on Broadway - New York Historical Society, April 2002

  • The Broadway Life Oral History Project

  • The Broadway Then and Now Seminar and Lecture Series

  • The Broadway Theater Museum and Learning Center - Feasibility study now underway

Theater Arts in Education

  • Direct From Broadway! Theater Workshops for Students

  • Direct From Broadway! Theater Workshops for Teachers

Since 1995, the Broadway Theater Institute has presented Awards for Excellence in Theater Preservation, Theater Arts Education, Lifetime Achievement and Distinguished Service to the Theater to organizations and individuals who have demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in these areas.

The Broadway Theater Institute is a pioneer in the area of theater preservation and continues to exercise a leadership role with its current initiative to create a museum and learning center in the heart of the Theater District that is dedicated to Broadway's past, present and future.

For more information, visit their web site: www.directfrombway.org.

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