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Into Our 6th Year
... a reflection

It doesn't seem like TalkinBroadway.com has been around for five years now. The time flew by so quickly. During that time, we've had some highs and some lows, but mostly highs. From a staff of 2, in the beginning, we now number 30. How did it happen? I don't know. It just did.

The original goal was to write my little short theater-stories, write the history of Broadway, and of course, promote Broadway and theater all across the country. Many institutions try to encourage and develop new theater audiences. Well, why not use the Internet for that purpose? And so, ALL THAT CHAT, our message board, was born and it allows anyone in the world to speak up about Broadway, or theatre in their cities. During the years it's grown enormously popular, and as a result, we opened 3 other ALL THAT CHAT forums. In the next 5 years we hope to open a London forum, and forums in major cities throughout the world. It is our intent to cultivate new audiences and to share our love of theater. One of the side benefits is that I've (as many others have) made friendships with people we would have otherwise never met, friends from all over the world.

There are many other sections to Talkin' Broadway. There's CD reviews, New York Restaurant Reviews, interviews with dozens of Broadway stars etc. etc.. Plus, we have writers in over a dozen cities throughout the U.S. reporting on what's happening with their local theater-scenes. And then, there is this column which I started, what seems like, an eternity ago. In the last 6 months, "Rialto" has evolved into something better that my original intention. Just like TalkinBroadway.com is not under my sole ownership anymore, neither is the "Rialto" column. We've had so many guest writers in the last 6 months, I imagine, some of you thought I flew the coop! But I like the idea of having guest writers who use Rialto for a column or interview. It's my little home on the Web, but sharing it with others is very fulfilling. It's published every Sunday and you never know what's going to be here. So, tune in, and I'll pop up every so often too. In the meantime, I've been busy behind the scenes and have a few other projects on the fire.

In closing out this year (and I'm really looking forward to 2002, especially in the light of the current world situation) I'd like to thank Ann Miner and Mike Reynolds for their untiring work in producing and publishing TalkinBroadway.com, plus the staff of 30 for their love and devotion and their willingness to write and share their love of theater. I hope in the coming years our numbers grow to 50, and it will, I just know it. To the staff and our readers, a Happy New Year to all.

In 2001 I was commissioned to write a musical revue for a Las Vegas theater company based on an idea I had. We did the show in July, a musical revue called Showtune!, whose original idea was sparked from a song a friend of mine wrote. I asked for the song for the show and he gave me permission to use it. I found it to be so beautiful that I can't imagine someone has not made a major recording. The lyrics to this sweeping anthem are hauntingly beautiful. Recently, a CNN news story quoted part of the lyrics in an article about Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. The song has never been recorded by a major star, so I don't know how CNN got a hold of them. Still, when we do the show again in February, the following verses have taken on a new meaning since 9/11.

We are the dreamers
The weavers of song
The builders of towers
Too high to be strong

Let those who come after
Kneel in the rain
To mark in the shadows
Where beauty was slain

We are the dreamers
With hope still alive
Our hearts may be frail
But, our dreams will survive

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