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If you've got this column bookmarked and you've never visited our message board, All That Chat, you're missing all the fun. Here, on a daily basis, you'll find daily Press Releases posted and spirited discussion on the news of the day.

The chatterati, as they have been dubbed, are comprised of a very informed theater fan. There are, literally, thousands of them and many are involved in the business. After one registers and selects a username then that user will be able to post a message. The identity of the chatterati is unknown and allows for the poster to post anything he or she wishes. Many times you'll read something that is so close to a production that you just know that poster is either in the show or on the staff. I suppose it is for that very reason that All That Chat has caught fire in the last year. It's been written up, or mentioned, in many of the major press outlets, or if a reporter says, "seen on an Internet message board", chances are he's referring to All That Chat.

Because of its popularity we've opened up other All That Chats. While they don't move as fast, they're beginning to catch on. First, we opened All That Chat - Las Vegas because of all the entertainment happening in that city and the growth of the local theatre scene. Next was All That Chat - West Coast because there is much happening from Seattle to the southern tip of California.

We noticed that we were getting many users from Australia surfing the site and registering to use our forums, so we looked into Australia and guess what? All That Chat - Australia was created. While the word "Broadway" signifys a theatre district in New York, it also respresents professional theatre throughout the world. Join us on our message boards and have some fun. Oh, sometimes it's quiet but other times, it's just a noisy hall with a nightly brawl...and All That Chat!

Wanna' talk to others about this column or anything else theatre related? Check out All That Chat

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