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Colin Quinn
Colin Quinn Long Story Short

Comedian Colin Quinn is heading back to the theatre. Quinn is a "Saturday Night Live" alum, where he was a writer and "Weekend Update" anchor. After SNL, Quinn starred in his own late-night series, "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn." He has appeared in films A Night at the Roxbury, Married to the Mob, and is currently appearing in Adam Sandler's summer hit Grown Ups.

In 1998, Quinn made his Broadway debut with his first one-man show, Colin Quinn—An Irish Wake. Now, he is returning to the stage with a new one-man show, Colin Quinn Long Story Short, which Jerry Seinfeld is directing. In this show, he offers the audience his own funny take on 2,000 years of world history in 75 minutes.

As Quinn was getting ready for his show, we talked over the phone about his many projects.

Nick Orlando:  Most people don't think of ancient history as comedy material.

Colin Quinn:  That is true. It is something I have always been interested in. Everyone lives here; everyone has a small community in the United States, especially here in New York City; Tibetans, etc.

NO:  How did you team up with Jerry Seinfeld to direct this project?

CQ:  I told Jerry I was doing it and he said that he would produce it. He saw the show and I asked if he wanted to direct it. He said yes and I couldn't believe it! He is really into it.

NO:  What will the audience learn about you in Long Story Short—we already know you are funny.

CQ:  Ok, so the audience will learn I am still funny! It is the way I look at history. The way I think. I like to look at the individual behavior of each culture. The show has been doing great.

NO:  What are your plans or hopes for this show?

CQ:  I want to take it as far as we can. Another theatre would be great. I would love to tour the show around the world—India, South Africa, England, Australia.

NO:  Your last one-man show, Colin Quinn—An Irish Wake, wound up on Broadway. Are you hoping for the same?

CQ:  That would be great. I would love that.

NO:  How did you get involved in comedy?

CQ:  I was thinking about doing it. I tried it and loved it. I bombed the next thirty times on stage. I did stick with it, though. You have to keep writing and see where it goes.

NO:  Do you remember your first gig?

CQ:  Yes, it was at the Comic Strip in New York City. The MC told me that I was a natural and to come back in a year.

NO:  How does doing a show like "Saturday Night Live" with a live audience compare with live theatre?

CQ:  With "Saturday Night Live," you know you are going out to millions of people. Theatre has a small audience, but nowadays it might be the same with YouTube and everything else.

NO:  Do you think SNL is as strong as it was years ago?

CQ:  Yes, especially the last couple of years. It's inconsistent, like it has always been, but this cast is hilarious.

NO:  You have a role in Grown Ups and there are a lot of funny people in this movie. Most of these stars are SNL alums. What was the dynamic on-set?

CQ:  It was like a reunion. We have known each other for years. A lot of comedian talk going on.

NO:  How does comedian talk work?

CQ:  We are making a joke along the idea of the joke. It's like a joke on a joke. I don't know! Every business has there own shorthand and this is ours.

NO:  You are currently writing a book. Can you tell us about that?

CQ:  I am writing all of my stories. Everybody else is writing a book, so I figured why not. I had to get in on it. I've written a bunch of stories, but don't know if I want to write a book. However, I do like to say I am writing a book.

NO:  What else are you working on?

CQ:  Screenplays and shows; I am trying to get financing.

NO:  Are you able to speak about the screenplays?

CQ:  It's New York stuff, borough specific. One is a mystery and the other is about immigration.

NO:  Which are your favorite NYC restaurants?

CQ:  Red Eye Grill, Brooklyn Diner. Buenos Aires has great food.

Colin Quinn Long Story Short is playing at the Bleecker Street Theatre (45 Bleecker Street between Bowery and Lafayette Street) through August 15th. For tickets, visit

-- Nick Orlando

About the author: Nick Orlando, a top performing sales and marketing representative, has more than nine years experience in the healthcare and media industries. Within the media industry, Nick has worked for WE TV, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, WCBS-TV, Cox Radio, "Saturday Night Live," and "Live with Regis and Kelly." Drawing on his diversified experience in radio and television, which ranges from programming to production to reporting, Nick formed NICO Productions in 2006, providing news and reviewer content on various entertainment, Broadway, music, film, and television topics.

Nick was born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island, NY, where he completed his studies. He received his B.S. in communications and marketing from St. John's University in 2005, where he was also inducted into the Golden Key International Honour Society and Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Nick considers traveling, theater, music and working out his favorite leisure activities. Nick currently devotes some of his personal time to volunteering with One Brick and God's Love We Deliver.

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