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Interview with Lance Horne
First Things Last

Lance Horne
Photo: Christian Campbell
Lance Horne, an Emmy Award winning composer and musician, released his debut CD on January 11th. He will be celebrating the release with a concert for the Lincoln Center "American Songbook" series on Friday, January 14th, at 8:30 and 10:30. In February, Horne will return to the Sydney Opera House in Australia to rejoin the "Late Night Lounge," a monthly rock-n-roll, variety and cabaret show that brings artists together.

Nick Orlando spoke with Horne about his album and upcoming projects.

Nick Orlando:  Your debut CD, First Things Last, was released on Tuesday. What can you tell us about it?

Lance Horne:  Alan Cumming and I did a gig at Lincoln Center two years ago. That was the seed for this. I do a lot of concerts. We wanted to do a hybrid that would bridge New York and London. I asked my friends in New York and London if they were interested in being part of this album and if they were available. That was in August, so it was a quick turnaround. We recorded in four different cities (London, Boston, New York and Los Angeles) with 15 singers total. We wanted the album to present the feeling of a concert.

NO:  And your friends include Alan Cumming, Cheyenne Jackson, Ricki Lake, and Daphne Rubin-Vega, just to name a few.

LH:  I have played for a lot of people. I interned for Hal Prince when I first moved to New York. That really helped me; it was what launched my love for these artists and the business. Cheyenne and I have done benefits. We have performed concerts at Joe's Pub together. I have met most of the London artists through Alan and others.

Lance Horne: First Things Last
NO:  One of the songs on this CD is titled "American," and it is such a powerful song. What was your inspiration for it?

LH:  Well, thank you! I came from a very conservative home in Wyoming. I wanted to change the world and I still do. I am trying to explain what it is like to be a quintessential American. It is from a musical called The $trip, along with "Strange Bird" that Cheyenne sings, and "Hurry Up & Take Your Time" which Lea DeLaria sings.

NO:  What are you thinking about when performing this song?

LH:  Ned Stresen-Reuter made a video to this song from all of his childhood reels. He matched up the reels to the lyrics. I have this video in my head when performing. It's my projection of an everyday American.

NO:  Also, something exciting is happening—there will be a website [to be located at] that will give fans and artists an opportunity to post their own versions of the song.

LH:  Yes, people can upload there own video and tell their story. The website should be up within the next one to two weeks.

NO:  Alan Cumming performs "American" around the country at various concerts and charity events.

LH:  Alan and I are great friends. We share an ex. I am the rebound! We came together when we thought we would be enemies.

NO:  What can fans expect from your concert on Friday?

LH:  The unexpected. Daisy Prince, Hal's daughter, is a fantastic director. She and I are constantly brainstorming. Matt Berman is doing the lights. It is the first time these artists have all come together to do a concert. They are coming in from all around the world. Daphne is running over after her show. She will be at the 10:30 performance. I'm looking forward to introducing the West End performers (Julie Atherton, Meow Meow, Alexandra Silber, Paul Spicer). Also, look for the banter—when Meow, Cheyenne, Alan and Lea are in one room together, watch what happens. The musicians from the album will be there as well. Bring your friends. Let's make a party. It is stuff people have not heard before. Please come with an open mind. Let us introduce you to a new world or a new approach of something.

NO:  You are developing three stage musicals. Can you tell us a bit about them?

LH:  The $trip is a dance musical. I'm doing the music and lyrics. It's an ensemble dance piece with all original music and lyrics. The Center, which I am writing with Debra Barsha, has six characters and it is a quirky, fun musical. The first act takes place in 2012 in the Village. The second act begins with the same scenario, but it's 2012 BC in Egypt. Amandine is with Winter Miller doing the book, Josh Hecht directing and I am doing the music.

NO:  What was your involvement with the hit film Burlesque?

LH:  The producers, director and creative team came out to a concert that I was doing with Alan Cumming in Los Angeles. They came backstage and talked to us. The team cast Alan, and brought me in as a Musical Consultant. They were talking to Michael Feinstein as well. I got to go on-set, and I saw Christina Aguilera's makeup the first time it was done.

NO:  Do you have any other projects in the works?

LH:  Always. I say yes to anything I have not done before. We take this show to the Garrick Theater in London on January 30th. I am writing a new musical, Arts and Crafts, with Jake Shears, Sandra Bernhard and Justin Bond. It is coming along very quickly. We will be doing a concert on March 7th at Joe's Pub. Alan Cumming and I have concert offers in Pittsburgh (March 16th), Boston (April 9th), Atlanta (May 7th) and Chicago (May 28th). It will be a packed spring, but I love it.

Lance Horne: First Things Last takes place on Friday, January 14th at 8:30 and 10:30, as part of the "American Songbook" concert series at Lincoln Center. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit:

About the author: Nick Orlando, a top performing sales and marketing representative, has more than nine years experience in the healthcare and media industries. Within the media industry, Nick has worked for WE TV, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, WCBS-TV, Cox Radio, "Saturday Night Live," and "Live with Regis and Kelly." Drawing on his diversified experience in radio and television, which ranges from programming to production to reporting, Nick formed NICO Productions in 2006, providing news and reviewer content on various entertainment, Broadway, music, film, and television topics.

Nick was born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island, NY, where he completed his studies. He received his B.S. in communications and marketing from St. John's University in 2005, where he was also inducted into the Golden Key International Honour Society and Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Nick considers traveling, theater, music and working out his favorite leisure activities. Nick currently devotes some of his personal time to volunteering with One Brick and God's Love We Deliver.

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