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CDs Now Available:

Bing Crosby: Good & Rare Vol. 3
(Sepia Records - new on CD)
Includes previously unissued recordings, alternate takes, and rehearsal recordings. "Ol' Man River," from 1928, is the unissued alternate take of Bing's first Victor hit with Paul Whiteman; 1944 "Duke the Spook," "Song of the Seventh Airforce," and "Song of the Fifth Marines" are three previously unissued recordings Crosby made for the war effort; rehearsal recordings of Crosby's film songs include "It's Easy to Remember" (1934) and "Where Is Central Park?" (1938). "Ol' Man River," "Poor Little G String," "Song of the Dawn," "A Bench in the Park," "Everything's Agreed Upon," "After Sundown," "Let Me Call You Sweetheart," "Red Sails in the Sunset," "It's Easy To Remember," "The Moon Got in My Eyes," "All You Want To Do Is Dance," "I ve Got a Pocketful of Dreams," "Laugh And Call It Love," "Laugh And Call It Love (Alternate Take)," "Where Is Central Park?," "Beware! I m Beginning To Care," "East Side of Heaven," "Sing a Song of Sunbeams," "When the Moon Comes Over Madison Square," "Duke the Spook," "Song of the Seventh Airforce," "Song of the Fifth Marines," "Night And Day," "The Blue Room," "Cheek To Cheek," "Mountain Greenery."

Double Feature 2: BJ Ward and Donn Trenner
(LML Music - new on CD/on iTunes)
"Green Dolphin Street," "Secret Love," "Senza Fine," "A House Is Not A Home," "Pass That Peace Pipe," "A Patch of Blue," "The Windmills of Your Mind," "Invitation," "How Little We Know," "Why Should I Care?," "Egyptian Ella," "I'll Never Say Goodbye," "I'll Be Seeing You."

The Importance: The Musical Version of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest
(Stage Door Records - new on CD)
Previously unreleased studio cast recording of Sean O'Mahony's 1984 West End musical The Importance. Studio cast includes members of the original Peterborough cast and other West End vocalists. Album was produced over a period of 20 years. Nigel Williams, Jill Martin and Susan Jane Tanner. "Overture / A Fine and Gracious City," "Bunburying," "One Love / the Importance of Being Earnest," "Your Engagement," "Bunburying (Reprise)," "I Must Write That Down Before I Forget," "I Need Someone to Rescue Me / I Must Write That Down Before I Forget (Reprise)," "Every Flower in the Garden," "Sincerely Yours," "Your Duty as a Gentleman," "The Importance of Being Earnest," "I Am Never Wrong," "May I Offer You a Cup of Tea?," "Yes For a Woman He Will," "One Vital Question," "My Ward / Your Engagement (Reprise)," "Borne in a Handbag," "The Importance of Being Earnest (Finale)." Also available directly from the U.K. with early shipping at

Live in Central Park Revisited: Simon & Garfunkel
(LML Music - new on CD)
Johnny Rodgers and Lee Lessack perform the actual set list from the September 19, 1981, concert. Based on their concert event. "Mrs. Robinson," "Homeward Bound," "America," "Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard," "Scarborough Fair," "April Come She Will," "Wake Up Little Susie," "Still Crazy After All These Years," "American Tune," "Late in the Evening," "Slip Slidin' Away," "A Heart in New York," "Bridge Over Troubled Water," "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover," "The Boxer," "Old Friends / Bookends Theme," "The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)," "The Sound of Silence," Bonus Track: "Here's To You."

Mario Lanza: Never Till Now
(Sepia Records - new on CD)
new compilation of songs in English: studio recordings, radio broadcasts, film outtakes, and a live performance, spanning the years 1950 to 1958. Also includes previously unreleased spoken introductions by Lanza and a reconstructed duet. "Because," "For You Alone," "Some Day ," "If," "All the Things You Are," "Long Ago" (and Far Away), "Without a Song," "My Romance," "Begin the Beguine," "The Night Is Young Introduced by Lanza," "If I Loved You Introduced by Lanza," "I'll Be Seeing You," "A Kiss," "You Do Something to Me," "I'll Walk With God," "Serenade" (from The Student Prince), "Beloved," "Only a Rose," "Yours Is My Heart Alone," "A Night to Remember," "Never Till Now," "Deep in My Heart, Dear Partial" (film outtake), "Because You're Mine" (live performance).

Sense and Sensibility A New Musical
(new on CD)
Paul Gordon score. Chicago Shakespeare cast includes Megan McGinnis, Sharon Rietkirk, Sean Allan Krill, Peter Saide, Wayne Wilcox. "Darker Shade than Grief," "Inventory," "Lavender Drops," "Elinor," "So the Poets Say," "When Next We Meet," "House with a View," "Lydia," "Rain," "Willoughby," "Somewhere in Silence," "Regency," "The Letter," "Wrong Side of Five and Thirty," "There He Is Again," "The Response," "The Swing," "Not Even You," "The Visit," "Edward and I," "Stowaway," "When Next We Meet (Reprise)," "Transition to Barton," "Rain/There He Is Again (Reprise)," "Bedside," "Willoughby's Lament," "Finale." Orchestrations by Larry Hochman and Bruce Coughlin; additional arrangements by Curtis Moore. Music direction by Laura Bergquist. Available at

Warm & Wild / This Is Vic Dana
(Sepia Records - new on CD)
Vic Dana's debut album "This Is Vic Dana" from 1961 and the follow up, "Warm & Wild" from 1962. "Get Me to the Church On Time," "Lollipops and Roses," "I Believe in You," "Blame It On My Youth," "Close Your Eyes," "Her Face," "My Romance," "It's a Most Unusual Day," "Penny Candy," "Happy Ending," "Through a Long and Sleepless Night," "Hey, Look Me Over," "Red Grapes," "Someone to Watch Over Me," "Nature Boy," "Someone New," "Glad to Be Unhappy," "Cry Me a River," "Moon River," "Young and Warm and Wonderful," "Mamacita," "Little Altar Boy," "A Cottage for Sale," "Hawaii," "(A Girl Needs) to Love and Be Loved," "Time Can Change," "A Voice in the Wind," "The Prisoner's Song."

BOOKs Now Available:

The Book of Grace
(TCG - Paperback Book)
Play by Suzan-Lori Parks. 112 pages.

Musical Theatre Song: A Comprehensive Course in Selection, Preparation, and Presentation for the Modern Performer
(Bloomsbury Methuen Drama - Paperback Book/Kindle Edition)
By Broadway and West End vocal and audition coach Stephen Purdy. Handbook for musical theatre performers, providing them with the wide-ranging skill set they need for success in today's competitive musical theatre environment. Breaking down the process into knowing how to select song material based upon individuality and how to prepare and perform it in a manner that best highlights your attributes. 312 pages.

The Secret Life of the American Musical: How Classic Broadway Shows Are Built
(Sarah Crichton Books - Hardcover Book/Kindle Edition/audiobook read by David Pittu)
By Jack Viertel. Paints a picture of how Broadway musicals are made, through all the phases of a typical musical theater story, from opening numbers to finales. A look at what Viertel has learned over the course of his career, with observations about the egotists, geniuses, and workaday professionals who have sustained this unique American art form. 336 pages.

Sitting Pretty: The Life and Times of Clifton Webb
(Univ Press of Mississippi - Paperback Book/Kindle Edition already available)
Paperback issue of 2011 book by Clifton Webb (Blithe Spirit, Present Laughter) with David L. Smith. Foreword by Robert Wagner. Hardcover and Kindle Edition already available.


Blue Man Group: Three
(Rhino Records - new on CD)
Third Blue Man Group album, featuring 14 new instrumental tracks with sonic explorations from a wide array of newly developed instruments including the Snorkelbone, a creation that utilizes a plastic hose to produce a whirring, pulsating tone when swung in the air; a PVC pipe take on the traditionally wooden aboriginal instrument, the Didgeridoo; and the Chimeulum, which is best described as orchestral chimes on steroids; and many more. The Blue Man Group show has been performed in 15 countries and seen by more than 35 million people worldwide since 1991. The theatrical event combines live music, comedy and technology. "Dispatches 1," "The Forge," "Hex Suit," "3 To 1," "Alive," "Snorkelbone," "Cimbalom 9," "Robots," "Creature Feature," "Vortex," "Tone Spokes," "Dispatches 2," "Giacometti," "Torus."

Liza Pulman Sings Hollywood
(new import CD)
Solo album from singer and actress, and member of Fascinating Aïda. Represents her touring show of selections from Casablanca, The Spy Who Loved Me, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Breakfast at Tiffany's and more. Track list to come.

Sissle & Blake Sing Shuffle Along
(Harbinger Records - new on CD)
From recordings Eubie Blake and Noble Sissle made for Blake's EBM record label as well as a newly discovered set of rare acetates of demo recordings by Sissle and Blake for a proposed Shuffle Along of 1950 Broadway show; plus bonus historic recordings, a piano roll medley, and excerpts from EBM, which was formed in the 1970s. Shuffle Along composers Eubie Blake and Noble Sissle and some original cast members (Flournoy Miller and Aubrey Lyles, and Gertrude Saunders, and Ivan Harold Browning who appeared in the original company as part of The Harmony Kings) present the show as heard on Broadway in 1921 (songs listed in performance order as listed on opening night), though many of the cuts were recorded by the composers in 1950, making the sound exemplary. "Shuffle Along Medley," "Election Day" *, "Election Day in Jimtown," "I'm Just Simply Full of Jazz," "Love Will Find a Way," "Bandana Days" *, "Mirandy/In Honeysuckle Time" *, "Gypsy Blues" *, "Shuffle Along Medley (Entr'acte) (Love Will Find a Way, Baltimore Buzz, Bandana Ways, I'm Just Wild About Harry, Gypsy Blues, Love Will Find a Way)," "Shuffle Along" *, "I'm Just Wild About Harry," "Jimtown Fisticuffs," "If You've Never Been Vamped by a Brownskin" *, "Oriental Blues," "I'm Craving for That Kind of Love" *, "Low Down Blues," "Ain't You Comin' Back to Maryland, Mary Ann?" *, "Baltimore Buzz," "Pickaninny Shoes," "Daddy Won't You Please Come Home," "Fourth of July in Jimtown." * Recorded for the Shuffle Along of 1950 demonstration recording. [Harbinger plans to release all of the EBM recordings as well as the complete demo of Shuffle Along of 1950.]

Mark Murphy Live in Athens, Greece
(Harbinger Records - new on CD)
Recorded live at the Gazarte Club in Athens in 2008. American jazz singer Mark Murphy's last CD. With Spiros Exaras (electric guitar), Thomas Rueckert (piano), Alex Drakos (drums), George Georgiadis (acoustic bass). "My Funny Valentine," "All Blues," "On Green Dolphin Street," "Summertime," "Autumn Leaves," "When I Fall in Love/My One and Only Love," "Bye Bye Blackbird," "Miles," "Milestones," "On the Red Clay," "Inutil Palsagom/Dindl." Eco-packaging.

Stacy Sullivan: Stranger in a Dream—Songs for Marian McPartland
(Harbinger Records - new on CD)
2015 MAC Award for Outstanding Major Artist, Bistro and Nightlife Award winner Stacy Sullivan performs a tribute to legendary pianist and broadcaster Marian McPartland. With Jon Weber on piano. "Loving You", "Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'", "Portrait of Mercer Ellington/Prelude to a Kiss", "Stranger in a Dream", "In a Melancholy Mood", "In the Days of Our Love", "Portrait of Marcia Ball", "I've Got a Crush on You", "Lullaby of Birdland", "A Delicate Balance", "September in the Rain/Come Away with Me", "Twilight World", "Castles in the Sand", "My Heart Stood Still", "All the Things You Are/Chopin's Waltz in B Minor Opus 89 #2", "I'm Beginning to See the Light/It Don't Mean a Thing/Jump for Joy", "Kaleidoscope."

And Then There Were None
(Acorn - new on 2 Blu-ray discs or DVD)
Three-episode 2015 BBC series based on the Agatha Christie novel/play. Douglas Booth, Charles Dance, Maeve Dermody, Burn Gorman, Anna Maxwell Martin, Sam Neill, Miranda Richardson, Toby Stephens, Noah Taylor, Aidan Turner. Written by Sarah Phelps. 177 minutes.


A Critical Companion to Lynn Nottage
(Routledge - Paperback Book)
By Jocelyn L. Buckner. Covers Nottage's plays, productions, activism, and artistic collaborations to display the extraordinary breadth and depth of her work. Contains chapters on each of her major works, and includes a special three-chapter section devoted to Ruined, winner of the 2009 Pulitzer Prize. Also features an interview about collaboration and creativity with Lynn Nottage and two of her most frequent directors, Seret Scott and Kate Whoriskey. 220 pages.

David Belasco: Naturalism in the American Theatre
(Princeton Univ Press - Hardcover Book)
Originally published in 1975. By Lise-Lone Marker. A full-length stylistic analysis and re-evaluation of the scenic art of theater director David Belasco. Based on a rich body of primary sources, among which are Belasco's promptbooks and papers. 272 pages. Paperback was published in 2015.

The Globe: Shakespeare's London Theatre
(Amerley - Hardcover Book)
By Nicholas Fogg. 288 pages.

Opening Carnegie Hall: The Creation and First Performances of America's Premier Concert Stage
(McFarland and Company - Paperback Book)
By Carol J. Binkowski. First comprehensive account of the conception and building of Carnegie Hall, which culminated in a five-day opening festival in May 1891. 277 pages.

The Performing Set: The Broadway Designs of William and Jean Eckart
(Univ of North Texas Press - Paperback Book)
Paperback version of Andrew B. Harris 2006 book. Preface by Sheldon Harnick, Foreword by Carol Burnett. Study of the work of designers and producers William and Jean Eckart (Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Damn Yankees, Once Upon a Mattress, and Mame) . uses production stills and the Eckarts’ sketches from every show they worked on to illustrate the magic behind an Eckart design. This lavishly illustrated book, with more than 500 full-color illustrations, is a fitting tribute to both the great American theatre and the couple who helped make it great.

Simon Stephens: A Working Diary (Theatre Makers series)
(Bloomsbury Methuen - new Paperback Book/Kindle Edition)
Playwright Heisenberg, Harper Regan and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time adaptation), teacher at Young Writers' Programme at the Royal Court Theatre, Artistic Associate at the Lyric Hammersmith, and inaugural Associate Playwright of Steep Theatre Company, Chicago. 312 pages.

On the Site of the Globe Playhouse of Shakespeare: Lying to the North of Maiden Lane, Bankside, Southwark
(Cambridge Univ Press - Paperback Book)
By George Hubbard. Reprint of 1923 book addressing the old controversy regarding the exact location of the Globe Theatre. Detailed maps of London are included. 80 pages.


Bonus tracks announced:

Fiddler on the Roof Revival Cast
(Broadway Records - new on CD)
Bock & Harnick score. Cast includes Danny Burstein, Jessica Hecht, Jenny Rose Baker, Michael C. Bernardi, Adam Dannheisser, Adam Kantor, Karl Kenzler, Alix Korey, Jesse Kovarsky, Samantha Massell, Melanie Moore, George Psomas, Ben Rappaport, Nick Rehberger, Jeffrey Schecter, Alexandra Silber, Jessica Vosk, Lori Wilner, Aaron Young, Jennifer Zetlan. Bonus tracks: "Excerpts from Fiddler on the Roof - Variations and Cadenza" by John Williams recorded by Itzhak Perlman; and Adam Kantor (Motel) and Alexandra Silber (Tzeitel) sing cut song "Dear Sweet Sewing Machine" (orchestrations by Oran Eldor and played by Ted Sperling and orchestra). Also at