EF - Everyone has a vision of themselves for the future. What is yours?

SB - I want to be able to touch as many people as possible. I want to do it on my terms as well. Let's face it. If I had done what I was told by people around me I may not be doing this. I remember a woman who told me my senior year in high school that I looked way too old. I'm sort of like this musical theater misfit, yet I am making my own accomplishments on my own terms. I'd like to be able to continue to do that. Reminds me of those two guys who wrote Good Will Hunting. They sat down and wrote that thing. That is a perfect example.

EF - Shifting gears to your current show, The Fix. You play the role of Cal. Who is Cal?

SB - He's a son of the man who has just been elected President. The President Elect dies at the top of the show. You can describe it as one's family's quest for the Presidency. This guy Cal is basically taken out of his room where he's smoking pot and put through the paces. He's sent into the military. He goes to city council, becomes Governor, then Senator and is on his way.

EF - Is there a message behind the show?

SB - There are so many. It's a comical view of American politics without getting too deep. Certainly there in the underlying Kennedy thing in there.

EF - Is there a part of the show you enjoy the most?

SB - I really haven't done it long enough. Previews only started a few days ago. There are still changes going on. The woman who is playing my mother, Linda Balgord is amazing. I love working with her. She is so giving and supportive of the whole process. In fact, that is her warming up now.

EF - The rumor is that this is the pre-Broadway try out, what do you think?

SB - To tell you honestly I can't even think that far. They said the same thing for The Last Session. I just need to concentrate on what I'm doing now.

EF - There are a lot of people that have seen you in The Last Session and you have developed a nice fan base.

SB - REALLY?! Oh, my God.

EF - Any message to your fans out there.

SB - Thank you. Just Thank you, thank you , thank you. It's funny so many times especially after The Last Session, people would ask if I would mind autographing something. It's like "what do you mean, do I mind, this is what I live for."

Thoughts and Reflections

To borrow a few lines from a song that Stephen sings in The Fix:

I see the future
I see the path that we must try
I see tomorrow
I see us striving for the sky
I see us waking up one morning to a song we've never sung
I see the future

While some of these lines may be rhetoric in the show, a vision and sense of the future is something that is important and one that looks especially bright for Stephen. I may not be able to see the future in its literal meaning but can envision Stephen making a difference not only in his own life but also in others.

Sitting down with Stephen, I could see a sparkle in his eye as he shared his passion for acting and the shows he has been involved with. His charm, wit, and endearing personality had an impact on this interviewer and surely on people he has met including Steve Schalchlin who refers to Stephen as "one of the loveliest and kindest human beings on this planet."

I do see the future and it's one that is full of hopes, dreams, and most importantly, wonderful opportunities for Stephen Bienskie.

- Ed Feldman

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