Spotlight On Allen Campbell

It is refreshing to talk to an individual who has such a zeal for his chosen career. The way his face lights up and how he becomes more animated along with the exciting inflections in his voice surely indicate a sincere passion. This is so important in the acting profession where often times you can be out of work more than in. Alan Campbell embraces the entertainment business with such excitement that it becomes contagious. He says, "you have to love what you do". This idealism along with a whole bunch of talent set the foundation for his success.

Alan's objective view of the entertainment industry gives an added dimension and perspective as to who this actor is as a person. He is a very positive person who is " a realist about my foibles". Trevor Nunn says Alan has a "gentlemanly good way about things". Alan gives credit to his folks and the way he was raised. He had a vision to be in the acting profession and claims that his path toward satisfying this vision was, in part, due to being "at the right place at the right time". This path may have had many twists and turns but you add some determination and tenacity and the result is a respected actor who is admired by peers, critics, and audiences.

Alan received a 1995 Tony Award nomination for Best Actor in a Musical for his performance as Joe Gillis in Sunset Boulevard. He received the Drama-League Award for his performance in the L.A. production of Sunset Boulevard. This production marked his Broadway debut. Other theatrical credits include the Ford's Theater production of On Shiloh Hill, Boogie Woggie Rumble of a Dream Deferred at the Urban Arts Corps in NY and productions of I Love My Wife and Larry Shue's The Nerd. His TV credits include co-starring roles on CBS's Jake and the Fatman and ABC's Three's a Crowd. He is a founding member of H.O.L.A. (Heart of L.A.) Youth Theater providing an artistic outlet and guidance to inner-city children.

I met Alan at a restaurant near Central Park...

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