While Brian's strong work ethic has helped him over the years, his journey to the realization of his dreams and success on Broadway started in Saginaw, Michigan with the support of family and friends. He reflects on this by saying "it takes a lot of support to make you feel confident in yourself to pursue what most people would consider an unlikely decision. It is very important to have an affirmative push."

Brian started singing in Junior High School and often attended touring productions with his family. He participated and sang in talent competitions in high school and remembers thinking "this is something. This is kinda cool. I like singing." Well, indeed it was something. Maybe Brian even knew this when he sang "Give My Regards to Broadway" at one of his first auditions. Brian believes in "working hard for opportunities and being ready when they come." This admirable philosophy and frame of mind gives a glimpse of the strong character behind this talented actor.

Brian's previous credits include Lincoln Center Theater's Carousel, the Broadway production of Blood Brothers and the first national tour of Les Miserables. Off Broadway credits include Polly Pen's Dumbcake for National Public Radio; Floyd Collins at Playwright's Horizons; originated the role of Davey Boyd in the NY premiere of Kenneth Branagh's Public Enemy (Irish Arts Center, Court theater LA, Dublin Theater Festival); Violet (LCT and Playwright's Horizons workshops). His film credits include Nye Heron's Sax and Violins, Victoria Pool, The Exiles, Tina and Lance, Call of the Wylie, and on TV, The City.

I met Brian at The Film Center Cafe in New York City after a matinee of Titanic...

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