Spotlight On Christiane Noll

I met with Christiane in her dressing room after a matinee of Jekyll and Hyde.

EF - Tell us about where you are from, your family, brothers or sisters.

CN - It's just me. Born in Manhattan. When I was almost 3 we moved across the bridge to a small tiny bedroom community. We immigrated to NJ. My family still lives there. They are a huge support structure in my life. I see them as often as I can.

EF - Support of friends and family seems to be a common theme to the actors I have talked to.

CN - Rejection is built into the system. You don't have people in the business telling you that you are great and patting you on the back. It is important that you have your loved ones believing in you and telling you that you can do whatever you set your mind to. People who don't have a traditional family will have a solid infrastructure of friends to provide the support. I have both and I am very fortunate.

EF - Let me ask you, is a relationship possible in this industry?

CN - Ah, I think so but I believe it takes two special human beings. It depends on the kind of person you are. You have to be very confident in what you have to offer and what you are doing and not be threatened by someone's success or be intimidated by someone else's failures. Time constraints is another issue especially if you meet someone who has nothing to do with this business. You are working and they are partying. You are awake when they are sleeping. You are sleeping when they are working.

EF - It is almost like you are locked into dating someone in the business.

CN - Yes or someone who is really zany. Maybe I can find someone who is independently wealthy who doesn't have to work [laughing] that will be okay. It is very difficult.

EF - So you are not married?

CN - No. I have tremendous respect for my friends who are. There are quite a few in this company. They make it work because they choose to make it work. It is not easy. They support each other, love and desire each other but they don't necessarily need each other. You can't have someone who is needing attention all the time. It is a very self absorbing type of business. You are a product. You are selling yourself. It is difficult not to bring your work home with you. You are putting yourself out there and everything you have to offer, so as a consequence, you are going to be self-centered. It is unfortunate but if you are a good business person you will realize you are the commodity and that you have to sell yourself. It can be very frustrating for someone to share that. I do think it is possible. I have much hope. It will just take a very special person.

EF - I'm sure he will come along.

CN - Yeah, when it is, it is.

EF - Now think of your best friend. If he or she were sitting in this room right now and I looked at them and asked how they would describe Christiane Noll, what would they say?

CN - We should call him up. Driven, sensitive, fun, passionate. A little selfish but also giving. I'm supportive.

EF - Is there something about yourself that may surprise people?

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