Spotlight On Christiane Noll

EF - Is there something about yourself that may surprise people?

CN - I am adventurous.

EF - Don't tell me you bungee jump or something.

CN - OH YEAH!!! I jump out of air planes, bungee jump, rock climb, scuba dive. I hike. I'm quite the daredevil. Anything that will put me on the edge I will try. I think that would be surprising unless you knew me. People come to see the show and they see this pristine doll, pretty little thing. A friend of mine and I went sky diving one time. It was funny. This was the first time he went sky diving. As he was falling, of all the things he could think to do was sing Man of La Mancha. I, on the other hand,was just screaming. It was hysterical. The first time I bungee jumped I had never been so absolutely terrified.

EF - Now, you mentioned before about being your own product. If you were your own press agent/advertising agent, how would you advertise yourself?

CN - You should ask my mother this one. Oh goodness, it is a difficult question to answer. One thing I learned from my press agent (I recently invested in one) is that you can pitch an idea that someone interview you or do a story on you, but unless they have some sort of hook it is just difficult into talking someone into doing that. I'm a new up and coming well rounded, understated performer. The feedback I have gotten is that I am putting out what I think I am putting out. They are impressed with what I have done. They don't think I am a one trick girl. I guess I would say that you ain't seen nothing yet. There is a lot more underneath that you have no idea is under there. I think that is important that you are not associated with one kind of trick. I want to be around for a long time and since we have already established that I'm never going to have a relationship at least I'll have a job [laughing]. I received some phone calls from different casting directors asking me to audition for some things so I feel like I am finally pecking at the bottom of the A list. Now, I feel people are coming to me.

EF - That is a great achievement.

CN - It will be great to have opportunities presented to you; to have people develop something around you. Those people are very lucky. Meanwhile, you take your time, be proud of what you do and happy for other people.

EF - It's funny, Brian d'Arcy James (Titanic) made a joke of something similar. I asked what he looked for in a part and he responded "it's when someone calls me".

CN - That's it exactly. How wonderful to be someone that can choose. I mean what is that. I'm still at the point where I'm thrilled if someone calls me up to do readings or do recording things. Before they even finish asking I'm like sure, yeah, what time and where?

EF - When did you first know that you wanted to be an actress?

CN - My parents were in the business. My mother was an opera singer and my dad a conductor. When you grow up in that amazing type of musical environment , it becomes part of you. I consider myself to be more of a musician first. I'm not just a voice. I'm more musical in how I approach the music. I take in the lyrics and make sure I'm telling something. There should be a journey even if you took all the words out. There is an emotional attachment to that. Hopefully, when you add the words and the words are saying the same thing the music is saying, that is when the hair stands up on your arms.

EF - So you started singing when you were a little girl?

CN - A little girl up on my step stool. I would say how I have to warm up first before my relatives would ask me to sing. I traveled with my family and was on stage when I was four and traveled with them before that and all through my formidable years. My mom's career was shortened because she was in a car accident. She was out of the business for four years. Knowing that the career is not dependable made me think. I sat there and thought I should get involved in something else. But then I got involved in high school and knew it was in my blood. I couldn't ignore it. It was something inherent in me. It was fun. Every job I do I learn more about my instrument and my own craft but the basics were already there because of how I was raised.

EF - If something, God forbid, were to happen and you couldn't be an actress, who would you be?

CN - I think of teaching a lot. Counseling.

EF - You seem to have a very endearing personality that would be appropriate for counseling.

CN - I try to see all sides of things. I think I'd be a good administrator. I would make some comments sometimes and my stage manager would say if you ever decide not to act anymore, give me a call. I think actors get such a bad rap. People have the opinion that actors are this ditsy, zany, self-absorbed people. and I know brilliant folks that have a creative vein in them and who decided this is what they want to do. It isn't because they can't do something else. At this point, I don't consider about doing anything else.

EF - How would you define success in terms of being an actress?

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