Spotlight On Christiane Noll

Christiane wants to make a difference - not just to herself but to others around her. Success comes in many versions and definitions depending on who you talk to. For Christiane, it is not just extrinsic in nature but takes on a personal tone. To borrow the last line of Ralph Waldo Emerson's poem on her dressing room wall, "To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived is just how to succeed." This philosophy Christiane has adopted reveals a lot about her. She is articulate, personable, and charming. Let's look extrinsically for a moment. Christiane says she is an up and coming, understated performer. Let this interview be a wake up call or announcement that Ms. Noll is a natural. So readers, stand in line with me in congratulating Christiane Noll in her success and join me in waiting to see what is next for this actress.

- Ed Feldman

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