Eartha... Followup

In response to the previous story, I received the following note to me posted on the Tony Forum by someone named Chris. Here it is:

To add to your wonderful Eartha story, here's another Kitt tale that was relayed by a New Yorker friend of mine a couple of years ago. He and Eartha have been friends for more than twenty years (seems they hail from the same place in Alabama, or is it Arkansas?) Anyway, he decided to throw an afternoon-long cocktail party on Gay Pride Day. He invited a dozen or so friends, including Eartha. As the story goes, she arrived in the lobby of his building at exactly the same time as another guest, and both told the doorman that they were headed for the same apartment. As they were riding up in the elevator the guest turned to Eartha and said, "so you're a friend of [name witheld to protect the innocent party host]?" She responded by extending her hand and purring, "yes, I'm Eartha Kitt," to which he shot back, "yeah, honey, you and every other drag queen in New York today!"

When they arrived at the party, the host, of course, announced to everyone assembled that his friend, Eartha Kitt, was here. At which point her companion from the elevator turned beet red, turned on his heels, exited the party and, I'm told, was never heard from again.


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