Get Out of the Theatre!

During the performance of a Broadway play, the legendary actress, Katherine Hepburn, stopped a performance cold when a fan in the front mezzanine took a flash snapshot of the performance.

The totally incensed Kate stepped out of character and bellowed at the top of her lungs, "You! Up there! Get out of the theatre! I will pay you twice what you paid for your ticket. Get out of the theatre! This is outrageous!"

Miss Hepburn then slid back into character and performed the play as if absolutely nothing had occurred. The terrified fan was escorted out of the theatre in tears.

Hardly a funny story, I know. But, it has it's dark humour. A word to the wise - cameras should not be allowed in the theatre. If this were a musical and during a dance segment, a moment of temporary blindness could end the career of a dancer. It is that dangerous.

As Pseudolous says, "the theatre is a temple", so treat it like one.

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